The Rollercoaster Ride that is Covid 19

Like everyone around the world, we are all praying/hoping/trusting in whatever we believe in right now – to get us through the days ahead as Covid 19 affects us all.  The impact on us economically, socially, physically and mentally is going to test even the strongest of minds.  We need to stop the spread of the Virus quickly and swiftly for everyone’s sake.  With us all working together, we will get it under control.

What I am struggling with more than anything is the role that social media is playing in fuelling mis-information, including the ridiculous headlines that bear no relevance to the article content; the conflicting views on what you should and shouldn’t do; panic buying; unruly behaviour towards each other and the list goes on.  What on earth have we become over the last couple of weeks!  We need to stick to the facts which generally come from a couple of limited sources – the World Health Organisation and in-turn following Government guidelines!  Somehow, overnight we have all become medical experts and this needs to stop.  Be kind to each other.

My last hope is that all Governments will support the health and wellbeing of its people by supporting businesses no matter what size; help preserve jobs and livelihoods for everyone; support those most vulnerable and act quickly.



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4 Comments on The Rollercoaster Ride that is Covid 19

  1. It’s hard to say what’s more scary – covid-19 or how feral we, as a society, have all become! And the tabloid-media (social and so-called journalism) just keeps feeding into the anxiety that many people are undoubtably feeling with sensationalism and mis-information.
    Here in Aus it’s just as bad, to the point where I feel quite anxious about going to the supermarket – even if I only need a lettuce and a litre of milk, I feel like I’m being judged and found wanting with all the sour looks and pointed glances at my shopping bag!
    One can only hope the governments are able to “steer the ship” to safety and that when this is all over, our world doesn’t look too different.

    Stay safe everyone!

    • Helen Osborne // March 22, 2020 at 8:45 am // Reply

      Hi friend – thanks for confirming what many of us are feeling. The unbalanced reporting continues to produce fear and the random numbers that keep being rammed down our throats is misleading to say the least. Where are the positives about all the people that make a full recovery? We focus on the less that 3% of people who die and not the 97% of people who survive!! Bring back the old days where true journalism reigned supreme.

      • Exactly! It would be very helpful to hear more good news stories and less from the doomsayers!

  2. Love it!

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