About Style by Yellow Tulip

My Style

I fell into the art of style quite by accident.  There was no defining moment when I decided that I knew what I wanted to do – I was too sensible to think that a career within the fashion realm was even a possibility.  With limited job opportunities and low salaries, I decided I wanted to earn money and travel the world.

I did realise early on that there was something to be said for quality over quantity.  It didn’t matter whether I was shopping in NZ or overseas – I was always keen to buy something that demonstrated a unique look and individuality.  I was even more captivated if I could reinvent it to be worn numerous ways and therefore create my own look through styling it.  I saw clothes as pieces of art, (some literally too nice to wear) rather than something to be worn.

I have always felt that NZ had a lot to offer from the prospective of fashion.  This has become even more evident when travelling overseas and seeing the streets saturated with all the fashion trends from Europe.  The faithful just follow the formula to reproduce all the same styles in a cheap and cheerful way.  Thank goodness we still have designers in NZ that can create their own look and interpretation of what they see fashion as.

Living in London in the 1990’s was fantastic – many hours were spent up and down Oxford Street and Camden Markets.  I could get lost for hours in Topshop, but eventually would have to come up for air.  The store was underground and literally felt like it went for miles – it was a shopper’s paradise (and still is).   The department stores including Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and even Harrods were moments in time where you could transport yourself into another world.  It would appear for many that money was no object.  I would just gaze in awe at the beautiful quality and equally outlandish price tags, thinking one day that’ll be me! 

Beautiful shoes made in Italy or Spain was a common occurrence in London and the prices that went with them were equally very affordable.  I still notice in NZ that we have never really managed to conquer great variety and stylish shoes for a reasonable price.  My obsession for shoes started in London and has never ended.  Don’t ask how many pairs I currently own and/or are still waiting to be allowed out of their pristine boxes.   

Being asked often in the street where I got something is a compliment I take graciously.  I give advice freely and with honesty – helping friends with wardrobe styling; wedding dresses, makeovers or if they want to de-clutter their wardrobe.    I like to mix and match.  If one was to visit my wardrobe they would be surprised to see Zambesi hanging alongside Jeanswest, Country Road and even the odd bit of clothing from The Warehouse.  It has never been solely about cost, but of finding quality at a reasonable price and being able to wear – to suit your own figure and style.  I, like many out there, are one of those whose body is out of proportion and am well aware of what I can and can’t get away with.  My constant companion is any one of my leather belts that comes with me to work basically every day.   Very rare would I leave home without one.

For me, accessories are essential in all our wardrobes.  They can cost only a few dollars but look a million and literally can transform an outfit.   They require little effort at the best of times (well usually) and can be worn all season round.  Places like diva and eQUIP and many of the other chain stores out there offer a great selection.

So why do I want to start a style blog and share my ideas with you?  I want people to feel good about themselves.  Many don’t know where to go and/or how to wear what’s out there.  Internet shopping is becoming more in-vogue and we’ll all need to have a pretty good idea about our own body shape and what suits us, as we look to buy more online and become more internet savvy.

On a personal level, I enjoy the internet options, but believe there will always be a place for the traditional way of shopping.  An outing with friends, trying things on, checking the quality and looking at other designs and styles will be hard to replicate via the internet.  Plus for most of us it’s a social way of catching up with friends. 

So follow me on my journey through the shops of Auckland, the world of internet shopping, of grabbing a bargain and of enjoying each moment in life – looking good and feeling great.

 Yellow Tulip