Me & My Paddle

So I decided that 2016 is all about doing different things, with the first item ticked off the list being paddleboarding.  For anyone who knows me I am not really a water baby (unless I am somewhere warm and exotic where the water is a balmy 27 degrees) and there are smooth calm seas not too far from a shopping centre!!

I also don’t like getting my hair wet (which is hard to do when swimming) and I can’t float on top of the water (like most can) – so really it is better for me to just lie on the beach and watch everyone else.

So what has got me hooked?  When I’m not trying to fall in, it’s a pretty nice view looking out across the water watching the world go by.  It is a great way for me to try and get some upper body strength (which I clearly don’t have) – as I paddle slowly but surely.  I get to top up my tan which is always a good thing, and I am using muscles never seen the light of day before.  Thank goodness my running legs have saved me from falling in too often!! It’s also great visiting lots of different beaches with the board in tow.  Love it.  I only hope I will eventually be more confident to venture further from the shore; enjoy the view and paddle faster.

GO on give something a GO this year and just have fun and if interested, check out the  Sup Centre in Newmarket for all the boards and accessories you’ll ever need.   You could get hooked like me!

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7 Comments on Me & My Paddle

  1. DW in Brisbane // February 24, 2016 at 5:35 am // Reply

    Good for you trying something new! I reckon I’d spend more time in the water than on the paddle board! Nice to be getting out on the water at different locations. I can understand about getting your hair wet – I also don’t like to get my hair wet! 😀

    • The balmy summer in Auckland so far has been great – as the water has been so nice and warm (if I was to fall in). I’ll have to look at my list and see what is next to do ? Perhaps no shopping for two months would be a good one!!

      • DW in Brisbane // February 25, 2016 at 3:29 am //

        Yes, but think about all those new Autumn & winter fashions flooding onto the shelves…!! 👗💄👢👜 😀

  2. Looks gorgeous Helen! So nice getting in touch with nature.

  3. Well done Helen. You never cease to amaze me with the new things you do. With the summer we are having in Chch you could even bring your paddle board down here and try it out. Looking forward to catching up soon.

    • Am wondering what my next new interest might be. Yoga I think would be good for me, as am very inflexible and have tried it twice and liked it … I could be even more balanced on that paddleboard!

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