Precious Keepsakes

My wardrobe may have a great assortment of designer clothes, handbags and shoes but there are two things that I love, for different reasons that no amount of money could replace.  My dear Nana who always had a habit of buying second-hand clothing and accessories, for my 18th birthday (from memory) gave me a lovely clutch purse with the name Michelle written inside it.  I don’t know why I haven’t ever used it (perhaps I was worried Michelle would come looking for me – asking for her clutch purse back).  It has such sentimental meaning to me – I love the shape, style, beading and crystals and it’s the perfect size.  So, I have decided when I am next going out, that my Clutch Purse will be coming with me.  She has stayed at home for far too long.

My other precious keepsake is a pair of shoes, well really more my Chinese inspired slippers that I wore when I was a toddler.  I can’t believe I would ever have fitted these, considering my feet have always been way too big.  Perhaps at 2 years of age this didn’t really worry me!

My love of fashion doesn’t look like diminishing anytime soon.  My wardrobe continues to bulge at the seams and I do wonder when and if the time will come when I will be content with what I have, and not always be looking for that something new.  Sometimes something old is just as good.






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4 Comments on Precious Keepsakes

  1. DW in Brisbane // July 3, 2014 at 5:34 am // Reply

    I remember when you got the “Michelle” purse! Fancy you still having it! I must admit, it is rather lovely – a very nice accessory! As the saying goes – what’s old is new again – or something like that.
    A precious keepsake (well, two actually) that I have is a pair of coat hangers that my grandmother covered. She was always doing crafty things and I remember watching her crochet and embroider covers for coat hangers when I was little. Very precious memories! 😀

    • Memories are even better when you have friends to share them with – you, me and Michelle. I also found some lacework/crochet that Nana must have done as well. A bit yellow around the edges, and in a delicate state. Nice that you can remember her doing the crochet and have the pair of coat hangers which will last a life time hanging proudly in your wardrobe.

  2. Nana’s clutch looks beautiful, what a gorgeous ‘keep sake’…… Memories.

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