Blinc and you will See

The right eye is 'blinced'

This blinc Eyelash Curler caught my eye (ha ha) recently when visiting Beauty on the Strand in Parnell and I decided to try it, mainly because it appeared to require minimal effort – which sounded great.

The right eye is 'blinc-ed'

The right eye is ‘blinc-ed’ – thanks to our lovely model Tayla

So here goes – literally, once curler is heated (which doesn’t take long) you are curling those lashes of yours in seconds.  Requiring 1 AA battery and packaged in a functional tube, it doesn’t get much easier than this – instructions are simple, and I liked the fact, the product was made in the USA.

To compliment those ‘curled to perfection’ new looking lashes, there is also the blinc collection of Mascara, which makes those lashes look even more lush and beautiful.

‘Stop painting your lashes … tube them!’ is the handy slogan on the packaging. If interested, give the lovely girls at Beauty on the Strand a call and they will be more than happy to help.   Could be a great mother’s day gift, birthday present or a treat for yourself.  I hope my Mum is looking forward to having nice curled lashes this year.  xx






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5 Comments on Blinc and you will See

  1. I can’t usually wear mascara as it irritates my eyes and feels so heavy – I can only cope for about an hour, max. I’ve tried so many kinds and had given up on wearing it. I was talked into trying the Blinc one. It was recommended by Beauty on The Strand and it is fantastic to actually be able to wear mascara!!!! it feels light and looks lovely. Apparently it is made out of something different, I know I have to wipe it off with water, but whatever it is made out of, it is bliss to wear. If you have contacts, sensitive eyes or unused to mascara, give it a try.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback, Erin!! Blinc is the best!

    • I agree – I don’t like Mascara that leaves big black panda eyes and have been looking for a product that comes off with ease and preferably water based. Feels lovely and light on the eye lashes as well. Thanks for letting me know that you too enjoy using the blinc range of products. I would recommend for everyone to give it a go.

  2. This Eyelash Curler is amazing and does really work! Thanks for reviewing it, Yellow Tulip!!

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