Kiss & Tell

MAC Lip Conditioner

I used to buy a great lip conditioner from MAC with an SPF factor 15.  The lips were always kept moist, and there was just a slight hint of colour so you weren’t completely nude during the day.  When I went to replenish my stock, I couldn’t believe it when the MAC makeup consultant advised me that they had discontinued that particular product.

Gloss & Shine

To find a good alternative has taken me ages.  I have bought all manner of products from Chanel to Clarins, Blistex, Madre Bees and Coconut & Cream (which is more of a gloss than a conditioner).

Some products have tended to leave nice wee white chunks of conditioner on your lips so you end up having to rub it in vigorously, to get an even consistency.  The slight flavour left on the lips often isn’t that pleasant either.  As much as I don’t like dipping my finger into the pot, (and I had the same issue with the MAC conditioner), the best one has got to be the Chanel Hydramax + Active Nutrition Baume Levres Lip Care.  It is like fairy dust on the lips – glides on and stays on.  Lips feel as soft as butter, but it doesn’t come cheap.

At the other end of the scale I really liked the “I love … coconut and cream” lip gloss and at under $5.00 was a bargain.  It gives just that little bit of sheen and slight moisturiser at the same time.  A bit of shimmer and gloss does wonders.

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4 Comments on Kiss & Tell

  1. A great lip gloss does wonders for sure….

  2. DW in Brisbane // January 29, 2014 at 12:34 pm // Reply

    I love the idea of lip gloss but a lot of them just leave my lips feeling sticky and gluggy, so I often just use my old faithful, tried and trusted “Chap Stick”. Sadly, not much in the way of gloss, but a wonderful conditioner that, in the not very kind climate of SE QLD, leaves my lips soft and, most importantly, protected against the harsh rays of the hot, hot sun! But sometimes it’s great to have a slick of gloss for those casual summer catch ups with friends! 👄

  3. I had forgotten about the good and faithful Chap Stick. I actually haven’t seen it on the shelves in ages. I remember there was a craze when everyone was using that pawpaw product but when I read all the ingredients in it, I wasn’t that keen to be putting on the lips anymore. I did a blog on the Coola range of sunscreen products and they also have a great lip balm, which could be perfect for that lovely hot climate you live in. A slick of gloss in summer – love it.

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