Paper vs Electronic

Mad about The Boy

I have finally finished reading my first electronic book from cover to cover.  A chic flic called “Mad about the Boy” by Helen Fielding, who also wrote Bridget Jones Diary.  As I had loved the book and movie, I was really looking forward to reading the latest book in the series.

I must have downloaded at least 5 other electronic books, which just hadn’t got me too interested, so was hoping that this would be the tipping point and convert me from paper into electronic books forever.  If I told you that I started reading “Mad about the Boy” back in October, would this give you any hint that it has been a struggle to get to the end.

Empress of Fashion

On the other hand, it didn’t take me long at all to finish a hardcopy book called “Empress of Fashion” by Diana Vreeland.  She was Editor in Chief of American Vogue for many years, and eventually got fired in 1971.  I literally couldn’t put the book down.  It became my new best friend when I was going off to the gym.  After 45 minutes of cycling and a couple of chapters later, I didn’t know where the time had gone.   It was 329 pages of worthy reading and I was getting fit at the same time. This was a winning combination.

Even before starting this book I had just finished reading another hard-back booked called “The Vogue Factor” by Kristie Clements.  Kirstie was sacked after 30 years in the Editor’s chair at Vogue Australia and wrote a ‘tell-all’ book.  It also was really good and another one I couldn’t put down.  Perhaps it was the subject matter, as well as the pretty pictures, but I have decided I like the tactile feeling of turning each individual page; and being able to see the book, pick it up/put it down.  It was also really educational from the prospective that I would just love to be an editor of a fashion magazine (who wouldn’t)?

To bury my head in a good book, reading about something I am passionate about seems a great way to spend my spare time.  Sometimes a dose of dreaming is a nice change from reality.  Move over Anna Wintour, Yellow Tulip is on her way.

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9 Comments on Paper vs Electronic

  1. DW in Brisbane // January 14, 2014 at 11:33 pm // Reply

    I have a Kindle which is great for things like visits to the hairdresser (doesn’t weigh much in the handbag and helps to pass the time while those foils work their lovely magic!) and it’s invaluable for travel. I am a prolific reader and an overseas holiday used to involve hauling at least 3 books about with me. My Kindle means I have the extra space and weight in my suitcase for other things! Also, e-books are much cheaper than their paper cousins and are a godsend for an overcrowded bookcase! However, I do agree that there is nothing like reading an actual book, the feel, the cover pictures, the ease of going back to re-read something etc and when I sit pool side or even in the pool, a paper book is far more practical. So for me its probably become about 50/50. 😀

    • My suitcase was pretty light coming back this last weekend as there were no books in sight, although I did buy a magazine that I read from cover to cover and saw a nice dress that I was pretty keen to try and track down. I’ll keep mixing up my reading options but see benefits in the electronic as well as the paper version. Happy Reading …

  2. I love traditional hard covered books too, as the cover page sets the mood….
    will keep reading my hard backs for a while i think!

  3. as a wannabe minimalist or minsumer, I’m trying to have as few possessions as possible, so I adore E books. I am busy transferring my library to the cloud, accessible by my kindle. the only glitch is that some old favourites are not available in E Books, and buying over the internet means I can spend far too much money as not operating in cash. I’m also switching DVDs for download and photo albums for scanning and digital. roll on a paperless world! so I vote for E books, not Tree books….

  4. we agree, there’s somthing to holding the actual book in your hand and flipping through the pages. we feel the same way about magazines, we have to have the hardcopy rather than just read them online!
    by the way, we have been wanting to read the Diana Vreeland book, how was it???

    xoxo Vera & Rony

    • Glad you both still love the hard-back variety …. there is definitely a place for electronic but for me, not in the fashion world. An electronic picture isn’t quite the same! In regards to the Diana Vreeland book – I honesty couldn’t put it down. It was inspiring in regards to hear ideals and vision and how she personally saw the fashion industry. I didn’t realise that Andre Leon Talley had interned for her and how influenced she was from the fashion in Europe over American styles. Go buy it – you will enjoy it.

  5. Funny how a good book can lure you in and hold you captivated. The new e-books look very tempting, but, I guess we’re old school when it comes to our novels and still prefer the feel of a book in our hands, versus worrying about battery levels and chargers. Love your book choices.

    XOXO N & N

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