You probably had to be there to believe it, but here goes.

I woke up early yesterday morning; rushed to get dressed – putting on my G-star jeans, sass & bide shirt and black boots so that I could catch an early flight to Christchurch.

Part-way through the day, in the middle of a meeting with 2 Branch Managers (one female, one male) I noticed a lump in my jeans, under my left knee.  I checked the right knee – no lump there so wondered what on earth it could be.  I decided it couldn’t be terminal as my lump seemed to move quite easily.  After a couple of attempts to use a ruler, to prise whatever was up there, I managed to squeeze my fingers up my tight jeans and what do you think I found?Calvin Klein

To my astonishment and those sitting next to me, I managed to pull out of my jeans (just like a rabbit out of a hat) a rather sad-looking shrivelled pair of black Calvin Klein undies (which I quickly identified as my own – Exhibit A).  But how on earth did they get there?

We all laughed and I don’t know who was embarrassed more.  I definitely saw the funny side (as did both Wendy and Brad) and am hoping they won’t look at me any differently when we next catch up.  I guess there was only one question on everyone’s lips that will never be answered and I intend to leave it that way!


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13 Comments on Embarrassing!

  1. I was waiting for a call after dinner as you said you would do but no you had a hot date obviously. SNAPPED by way of blog.

  2. DW in Brisbane // February 26, 2014 at 7:23 am // Reply

    Hilarious! Lucky everyone saw the funny side and they were people you already knew! But how strange you never noticed it when you put them on!
    Can’t say that’s ever happened to me, but sometimes I’ve “lost” a sock or pair of knickers in the wash and then found them caught up inside the sleeve of a shirt hours later when I’ve gone to get the washing in! 😀

    • If you can’t laugh at yourself – who can you laugh at. I still can’t believe I hopped on a plane, travelled down to Christchurch, had a couple of meetings, and then randomly noticed I had a lump under my left knee. It was very funny at the time … Glad you got a laugh out of the story too.

  3. What a hoot Helen. You probably gave them something to giggle about for the day too!

  4. Well done Helen – a good story to provide some light entertainment at the meeting!
    Good to catch up again and pleased to see you found time to write up your story.

  5. embarrassing clothes faux pas – we all have them, even celebrities – think Gwyneth in her see through top….

  6. A ‘Whoopsy’ moment…

  7. RAY PORTER // March 3, 2014 at 3:22 am // Reply


    Black suits you…………..

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