Gingham Style

J.Crew Gingham Shirts

What’s the look for spring/summer this year for men? Gingham shirts seem to be making a comeback.  Were they ever a fashion statement?  For me I don’t think so.  My only memory of these unlikable patterned shirts is the uniform as worn by Pizza Hut staff – red and white all the way.

John Legend in Gingham -as seen on

John Legend in Gingham -as seen on

Would you let your partner wear a shirt like this and what is so offensive about it, that I seem to not like them?  Perhaps the chequered look reminds me of country-style/farmers or I consider it for the older, more mature man i.e. over 50’s.  One thing I do know is that gingham isn’t cheap.

Well, after doing a bit of research and seeing its followers, I have decided I need to be a little more broad-minded.  If it is good enough for John Legend and J.Crew, it is good enough for me.  Time for me to accept gingham style.

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6 Comments on Gingham Style

  1. DW in Brisbane // October 9, 2013 at 4:37 am // Reply

    Having seen the ex-PM of Australia (KRudd) in gingham shirts in a variety of colours during the recent election campaign, I am not sure it’s a look I really like – whenever I see one, I am instantly reminded of the man and also the day his daughter wore a matching one! Actually, gingham also really reminds me of Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz! But each to their own and the great thing about modern fashion is that there is lots to choose from and more than one look or style!

    • I had forgotten about Judy Garland and actually looking in the VIVA Herald Fashion Magazine, Karen Walker has a gingham dress as part of her Spring collection. I could be onto something there. A lot comes down to liking something seen on someone else and it suiting them. I don’t think Mr Rudd ever looked stylist in any of the clothing he was seen in. Thank goodness there is a choice of style to choose from. I for one, can’t imagine myself looking good in anything gingham. Thanks so much for reading my blog …. xx

  2. gingham style! love the pun! I didn’t realise that patern was called gingham. To me, the word conjures up Judy Garland, Oklahoma and cowboys. Mind you, we always need cowboys.

    • I liked the ‘gingham style’ pun too. Unfortunately I didn’t even come up with it – Terry did. It would appear that now I am thinking about ‘gingham’ it is appearing everywhere. A look admired by cowboys for sure.

  3. I am going to hear John Legend in concert with Alicia Keys – wonder if he will be wearing gingham !!

  4. Beautiful!! I love theses shirts!!!!


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