Running for a Cause

Auckland Half Marathon

For the last 6 years an insane idea has always entered my head to do the Auckland Half Marathon, and this year is no different, with the run being held on the 3rd November.  After my extraordinary effort in 2012, where I came 7th in my age bracket (not to be disclosed) and with my time of 1.43.23 I decided that I would bow out gracefully and retire my running shoes for a brief stint of rest and relaxation.  Not to be!!

This year they have offered the chance to run for charity, and for me, this has a special meaning.  I had a good friend who was an avid runner.  I would often see Sue and her husband running through the Auckland Domain with a smile on her face and an infectious energy about her. She loved and lived life to the full.  While training to run in the New York Marathon a couple of years ago, she became ill, which resulted in her being diagnosed with cancer.  She fought a long hard battle, and through-out remained positive and confident she would get the chance to run the race she had always wanted to.  Unfortunately this wasn’t to be and despite her best attempts, the cancer returned and she sadly passed away last year.  Her funeral was a celebration of an amazing life and we laughed lots.  That was the way, Sue wanted to be remembered.  So this year, I want to run my race for Sue.

I am running to raise money for Mercy Hospice and hope that for any of you who read my blog that you may be able to donate to this worthy cause.  Sometimes it is all about the journey not the destination.  Whatever my time, it will be a race to be remembered.

I have also found out that the course this year has been altered, and now has fewer hills (hallelujah) and a little more scenery (nice! – not that you have time to admire what you are running past) given by that stage, you are lucky to be still breathing and not collapsed on the grass verge.

You can bet for sure I will do the best I can on the day.  52 days and counting ….

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6 Comments on Running for a Cause

  1. What a wonderful blog. I wish I had knwon Sue. I’d love to sponsor you, how do I do that? is it per kilometre?

  2. what a wonderful bog and tribute to Sue. I’d love to sponsor your run, how do I do that? per kilometre?

  3. Hi Erin – if you click the link within my blog where it says Mercy Hospice it will go straight through to my fundraising page for Mercy Hospice. Thanks my friend for reading my blog and being so supportive. It is just a set amount, not relative to per kilometre. Have a lovely day.

  4. What a beautiful friend you are! I will sponsor you…

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