Stacker Rings – My new obsession!

Delicate & Fine Jewellery

I had a nice break in Sydney for a couple of days where the sun shone gloriously; I went running along the beach (getting some practise in for the Queenstown Half Marathon on the 22nd of November); ventured to the Sydney Opera House with Dawn to see The King & I and managed the all essential retail therapy.

I found a new store in Manly called This & That – it had only opened a couple of months ago.  The service was fantastic and I tried on and admired some great clothing and jewellery.  I ended up buying a couple of rings from a designer they stocked called Kirstin Ash.  Delicate in style, and reasonable in price, I had been looking for something similar to a set of stacker rings, and came away with 2 rose gold (vermeil) pieces that complimented my existing diamond/ruby band.  They were both priced under $70 AUS dollars.

Unfortunately with my skinny long fingers I needed the smallest size which they only had in a limited range.  Wouldn’t have been a problem to order in what I needed, but I wasn’t in Sydney long enough.  I decided to let my fingers do the walking when I got back home and found that Kirstin Ash is sold in numerous boutiques through-out NZ and in Auckland is sold at Smith & Caughey and The Vault.  Hopefully they have a size 6 or two in stock as I think they would make perfect Christmas presents and I wouldn’t mind another ring to add to my collection.

I was also surprised to find out she is a New Zealand designer which makes the purchases an even better buy!


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8 Comments on Stacker Rings – My new obsession!

  1. not sure what stacker rings are? they are very pretty!

    • They are rings that you can stack up on top of each other – generally you have about 3 or 4 rings in a cluster together – different shapes and sizes. I really like the two that I bought in Sydney and hoping to find a 3rd one to add to the collection.

  2. DW in Brisbane // November 5, 2014 at 11:52 pm // Reply

    Cute rings! I know she stocks them in some shops here in QLD – I’m off to Sanctuary Cove for the weekend, will keep an eye out in the local boutiques… 😀

  3. Let me know if you see anything of interest at Sanctuary Cove and have a nice weekend away. I am quite fond of my new rings and look nice next to my tiffany band ….

  4. DW in Brisbane // November 10, 2014 at 5:40 am // Reply

    Sanctuary Cove was very relaxing and great weather too! Some nice things to be purchased in the Marine Village next to the resort. I even found some of my favourite NZ made “Verge” brand pants in a shop called “EEV Fashion”. They’re very light and comfortable to wear – great in the hot QLD climate and as well as the usual black, white and beige they come in some fun summer colours too. I found a pair in a really pretty green. 😃

    • Thanks for the heads-up in regards to Sanctuary Cove – have never been there, but always great to find one of your favourite designers. Verge have been around for awhile and do good quality clothes – even better still a NZ brand. Did you buy the pretty green pants by chance?

  5. DW in Brisbane // November 12, 2014 at 6:37 am // Reply

    No, but I wish I had. A local boutique here also stocks them so I think I might have to see if they have them. I won’t be happy until they are mine!!

  6. I feel that way about an art deco bracelet I saw in Melbourne that I really wanted but was just a little too expensive. Two months later I was still thinking about the bracelet and rang the store, to find it had just been sold the week before ….. the one that got away. Hope you manage to buy the pants!!

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