Getting Dressed – what to wear?

I normally wake up every morning and know exactly what I want to wear that day; well that was until about a week or so ago when overnight I must have morphed into a middle-aged indecisive woman, where it didn’t matter what I put on, it didn’t look good.  I would end up going to work feeling ‘out of sorts’, fat, ugly and frumpy.

My general morning routine always starts with bounding out of bed; shower; look at wardrobe; decide on skirt/shorts or pants (generally don’t wear dresses in winter) and then sort out a suitable top, footwear and accessories  It used to be about a 10 minute exercise!  Not any more!!

I asked a couple of friends what their dressing rituals were in the morning and got a mixed bag of responses. Sussan commented that she always knows the night before what she is wearing as too busy in the morning to think about it; my friend Maree bases her wardrobe around what the weather is doing; and the all important question ‘have I shaved my legs or not?” and Diane was all about comfortable clothing.

It would appear I am the only one suffering from indecisiveness at the moment .  Maybe I am just bored with what I see or perhaps my wardrobe and I just need a holiday apart, to then get re-acquainted.

So off on holiday I go tomorrow .. to warm sands, palm trees and relaxation .. see you in a week or two.


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I fell into the art of style quite by accident. There was no defining moment when I decided that I knew what I wanted to do. I want people to feel good about themselves. Many don’t know where to shop and/or how to wear fashion. It has never been solely about cost, but of finding quality at a reasonable price and being able to wear - to suit your own figure, style and fashion. Join me as we explore – What is Style? Yellow Tulip

4 Comments on Getting Dressed – what to wear?

  1. I totally relate!!! I went through the same thing a couple of months ago. I ended up seeing a stylist who reinstigated my desire to look fantastic. I ruthlessly went through my wardrobe and threw out everything I didn’t love. It made things much simpler. I also picked up a new job with a uniform, heh heh. I don’t look as stylish, but it makes getting dressed at 4.30am much easier. ps please write about accessories, they baffle me.

    Have an awesome time in Hawaii!

    • I can see why having a job with a uniform would make life so much easier. Yes happy to do a blog on accessories … Something that I wear every day whether it be a belt and jewellery, plus the odd layering piece. Good luck with the new job. xx

  2. I sometimes think what I want to wear a day before but sometimes I change my mind during the morning as in my country the weather can change easily. Also I change my mind because I dont feel like wearing what I thought. I think that the more cloth we have the harder it gets to decide.

  3. I sound a bit like you too in regards to changing my mind – particularly with the weather where I am as well, you can have 3 or 4 seasons in one day so need to be prepared for anything. Have a lovely day.

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