A pair of Driving Shoes!

For as long as I can remember I have always driven in high heels.  Despite my love of shoes I obviously didn’t realise the damage this does to my shoes and to my feet, given the precarious way I have to fit my long, lanky feet and heels onto the driving pedals.

So for the last 3 months my socks have become my new driving companions.  It is so annoying when I have to get out the car all the time, and put my shoes on. So I have been looking for the ultimate driving shoes – something casual but functional, that looks good with the majority of my clothes and isn’t offensive enough that I can leave my car for the quick dash to the diary or shops without fear of sideways glances.  How difficult can this be?

I dislike ballet flats (toes too long) and have a particularly narrow foot (shoes fall off unless strapped to my feet with Velcro) so not a lot to work with!!  I was thinking a street-wear/casual shoe (one that doesn’t have laces).  So, I went to Laundromat, Zambesi, Hannahs, and Overland in Newmarket and found nothing.  I even ventured over to the North Shore to the Milford Mall thinking their general demographic would be into flat comfy shoes for sure!!  There was nothing even close to what I was looking for.

Me and my socks about to go driving!

Everything was too big and bulky, had soles that felt like you were walking on needles, or looked ugly (like an expensive version of bedroom slippers).  The prices ranged from $69.00 for a Pulp shoe from Hannahs to $1200.00 for a Rick Owens pair of casual boots from Zambesi!! I got thinking that perhaps there isn’t too much wrong with continuing to wear my multi-coloured socks for the time being – is there?

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5 Comments on A pair of Driving Shoes!

  1. DW in Brisbane // July 30, 2013 at 11:22 pm // Reply

    Nothing wrong with socks. I drive in my bare feet as, other than damaging shoe heels, I have the opposite problem – feet too small. Shoes that fit properly are very hard to come by so a big risk of them falling off which is not too desirable when driving in the traffic in a manual car!

  2. hilarious! have you tried sports shoes with Velcro? there has to be some cool slide on Pumas or Nike?

  3. Who would think driving shoes would be so hard to find??

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