The Little Black Dress

Zambesi Dress

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So I’m going to a wedding in a couple of weeks and trying to decide what to wear. At this stage I’m going to be wearing ALL BLACK, which got me thinking – is it appropriate to be wearing this colour to a wedding?

My wardrobe has always been over populated with the colour black, with splashes of yellow dotted around for a bit of variety. However, as New Zealander’s we do appear to have an innate fascination with the colour Black and will wear it to any occasion – no questions asked. Perhaps we like it so much because it can hide such a multitude of ‘sins’ and of course helps us to ‘look slimmer’ – but does it really?

Having recently read the book “BLACK – The History of Black in Fashion Society & Culture in New Zealand” by Doris De Pont, it made me re-appreciate my love of the colour Black and the fact it has such a strong association with us as a nation. Whether it be the black singlet, black gumboots, our national sporting team colours, our All Blacks, or even Chanel and her ‘little black dress’ we all can’t deny for most of us, the colour has a strong presence in all our wardrobes.

So for me I need to decide what to wear.  Do I go with the safe option and wear my favourite colour BLACK, or wear the red outfit (considering the dress has sat in my wardrobe unworn for at least a year).  Surely it is about time I either wore it, or sold it !!

I’m going to let you – my fellow readers decide which outfit takes centre stage.  My style is in your hands!

Option 1 – long black dress bought in Paris

Option 2 – little black dress custom made from Zambesi

Option 3 – red fringe dress from Zambesi

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12 Comments on The Little Black Dress

  1. Red dress – so pretty 🙂

  2. I love the style of outfit #2, but I love the red dress for the amazing color!

  3. ok – what kind of wedding? the red is stunning and is the clear winner – shows off your figure & vibrates with colour. The black ruffled one is lovely and very cocktail/after dark. Definite no to outfit number one unless the wedding is being held in an industrial warehouse with fasionistas who are tres cool / you are an ex of the groom & are sulkily protesting – it isn’t as sexy or feminine as the others – and weddings are all about being able to dress like a girl!

  4. I love the red dress too. If the wedding is morning or early afternoon I would definitely recommend the red dress. The black dress is stunning too, but would be better for a late aternoon wedding.

  5. All beautiful garments – wonderful choices my friend… the red number is worth an outing for sure with your lovely new Winter Coat from Zambesi to keep you warm…perfect xox

  6. I’m going to agree with everyone else. The red dress is a great colour and looks great on you. The black ruffle dress is lovely but looks like you are going out for cocktails. I really like the first outfit, but I don’t think it’s the best one for a wedding. 🙂

  7. I would choose the red dress!

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