The Art of Giving

Best Friend in Johnny Dexter Jacket

Having come back from holiday with a few additional purchases for my wardrobe than anticipated ….. (ok, so perhaps I had better be honest with myself and you, and admit that I bought 10 pairs of shoes, 3 handbags, 5 pairs of shorts (you get the picture) …. I therefore needed to make room to accommodate my shopping spree.

I had a couple of choices. To either hop on Trade Me and sell items ‘surplus to requirements’ and/or look to donate my clothes to friends and to charity.  My best friend and her sister were in the neighbourhood over the weekend, so I invited them round for an afternoon of shopping.  I tried to pick out things that they might like and would fit.  I also decided to put aside some clothes to sell and donate to Dress for Success.

Best friend and sister welcomed me with open arms and eagerly awaited the private viewing.  They both looked at each other trying to diplomatically decide who got what.  They tried on a few things and left with a pair of Zara Jeans, a Johnny Dexter Winter Coat, Tommy Hilfiger short-sleeved hoodie, Firetrap shirt and a few other essential items, happy knowing they had helped me with my clean-up and wardrobe de-cluttering.  On leaving they gave me a big hug each and thanked me for letting them shop at the “House of Helen” as my wardrobe has been fondly called.

Best Friend in Johnny Dexter Jacket

I love the ‘art of giving’ and knowing that my clothes go on to lead a bigger and better life somewhere else.

Life is too short to not be happy and part of being happy is helping others.

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7 Comments on The Art of Giving

  1. I want to come shop at the ‘House of Helen’ !

  2. And I will come with you sister

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