Missing Pieces

It is not often that fashion takes a backward step in my world.  However in the last week my world has literally been turned upside-down, by a phone call that was made to a complete stranger.

I was always excited about being adopted.  Mum and Dad made no secret of the fact.  For some unknown reason it made me feel special.   I had always talked about wanting to meet my ‘birth mother’ as I wanted to know ‘where I came from’.  There were so many unanswered questions that I wanted answered.

About 20 years ago, I tracked her down.  I was so nervous and confused about what to say and what to think when I first met her.  I had built up in my mind an image and identity for this person.  It felt surreal just to see someone who I thought looked a little like me.  We liked the same things.  For me, part of the jigsaw puzzle began to be filled in on who I was.

It’s all about Me.

I would often ask the odd question to her about my ‘birth father’, but she always proved a little elusive on the subject.  So, I took what information I had and went searching for him.  It would appear he didn’t want to be found as each search concluded with a dead-end.

Recently I ended up asking SCOPE Investigators if they could track him down, as I had by this time, been given a name for him.  Last week I got the call I never imagined would happen – they rang someone in Melbourne who they believed was my ‘birth father’.  After asking a few pertinent questions, he confirmed that he was the one – it would appear we had struck gold!!   I was speechless (doesn’t happen often) on being given the news and spent the next couple of hours in a daze, not quite knowing what to do.  I had been given a phone number, Skype and email address.  He wasn’t that far away and was happy to get in contact – WOW.

I typed an email somehow and awaited a response. I told him about my interest in sport and running, my passion for music and travel and what I looked like.  It was bizarre – he liked similar things and thought I looked like my birth mother!! I was blown away when he told me I was part Maori.  His other children are very creative – as am I.  When I was a teenager he lived not far from my parents’ house.  It just didn’t seem real.

It is still sinking in that we have connected after all this time. We have spoken on the phone twice and he has booked flights to come to NZ this week, as wants to meet me. I have thought so many times about what this moment would be like.  I can’t imagine what he will be feeling too.  The wait is finally over.

Yellow Tulip

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7 Comments on Missing Pieces

  1. WOW, thats so exciting Helen ! I hope it all goes well and can’t wait to hear all about it ! karena x

  2. Best blog ever. Maybe being adopted is what made you develop your own personal style and individuality as you had no one to copy. He is going to love you. Let us know what he is wearing! Did you hire a detective? Have you sent him a l,ink to your blog? WOW doesn’t stand for Wearable Arts today.

  3. Helena my friend! Gee what a heartfelt touching life story, I love the way you take everything in your stride and always take such a positive take on life, thats what I love about you, so real! wishing you the best of luck for a really nice heart felt catch up with your father. Keep the faith and soak up all the happiness! Miss you, Helena – we must catch up sometime this year! 🙂 x

  4. Exciting times Yellow Tulip….
    Can’t wait to hear all the news; till your next Blog, i will be waiting…

  5. All the best for meeting him Helen. Will be thinking of you. Always knew that gorgeous olive skin came from being “part-something”!

  6. So so exciting sweets! Let me know how it goes! Am sooo happy for you! xx

  7. Wow, my friend – wow. Thinking bright yellow happy thoughts of you and will be in touch xxx

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