Showers with your shopping

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

On visiting Sydney recently I thought I’d come back with plenty of blogging stories, including retail recommendations, sales and best buys, where to find amazing service, great food and lastly comment on the fantastic weather.  How wrong I was!

Day 1 – pouring with rain.  No umbrella.  Wearing very impractical shoes.  Think to myself – where can I go and spend hours without getting wet.  Decide best course of action is to head to one of the major department stores in Sydney being David Jones or Myers (think Macy’s, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges) just have to get there not looking too much like a drowned rat.  Mission accomplished – plan to spend up a storm (pardon the pun) – there was a storm brewing.  However I can’t have been in the mood as there was nothing that caught my eye.  I think it had a lot to do with summer sales still being in store and only new stock just arriving.  It is a strange time to be shopping sometimes – in between seasons.  BUT I did venture to the Chanel store where I fell in love with everything. Chanel very kindly produced an entire range in my favourite colour yellow – consisting of a lovely 2.55 handbag, matching wallets, i-phone cover, belt, dress, jacket.  I was in love, as never before.  The question is, did I buy anything?

Chanel Window Display at Bondi Junction

Day 2 – pouring with rain.  No umbrella.  Wearing semi-waterproof shoes.  Think to myself – where can I go that is indoors and has enough retail to keep me occupied.  Take train to Bondi Junction …. surely I will find something to buy there.  Emergency – have to buy another pair of shoes as my current pair saturated and are giving me blisters (true story).  Find pair of shoes on sale – perfect but can’t find a shop assistant to serve me.  Eventually track one down – she wasn’t interested in assisting.  I follow her around until she realises that I’m not going away.  I leave with new shoes on my blistered feet.  It wasn’t a good look.

So many stores I go into, there is no recognition by the sales staff that there is a customer (perhaps this is a rare sight these days).  I leave most stores disillusioned but do locate a g-star store and find not only great service, followed by helpfulness but actually clothing I like.  I end up buying a pair of jeans, a denim skirt, 2 tee-shirts and a sleeveless jacket.  All of a sudden I feel better.  There is hope.

Day 3 – pouring with rain.  No umbrella.  Wearing practical and waterproof shoes this time.  Venture to Paddington Markets (not far from where I am staying).  Everything is cheap and cheerful.  Each stall looks to be selling the same products as the one next to it. Sunglasses 2 pairs for $15.00 dollars or 1 pair for $10.00 (surely a bargain).  I-phone covers, basketball caps and singlet tops, hair extensions, watches, etc.  It was just tacky from one end to the other – not how I imagined it from my last visit about 5 years ago. Did I buy anything – no.

Day 4 – not pouring with rain. No umbrella.  Wearing practical shoes and off to Manly.  Sun starts shining. It’s a miracle. Have nice leisurely trip on ferry to Manly. Visit favourite store being Lulu Loves Paris.  Find nothing that appeals. Venture into Big Swim Swimwear Store & Bikini Bar.  They have a fantastic range of swimwear and after trying on many shapes and sizes – leave with a new swimsuit and one that fits perfectly.  Now need to pluck up the courage to wear it to the beach !!  I look and admire the Manly Beach, feel excited to see blue sky and sun and then realise its time to head back and get plane home.  Trip felt over before it started.  My bag feels nearly as light as it left NZ.

On reflection it was a nice couple of days away but I am glad to be home.   The shopping was disappointing, as was the weather and the meals didn’t deserve a mention, let alone the generally really bad service.  Sometimes you just have to leave your own country to appreciate it, and this trip did just that.  Welcome home.

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