Fashion Picks and Potato Chips

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For me, this time of year gets me thinking about what I have achieved over the last 12 months.  Was it a good year?  Did I do all the things I wanted to? Did I set any new year’s resolutions that I actually completed?  What did I spend my hard-earned money on?  Looking at my wardrobe – did I need all those ‘must have’ purchases I bought?  Last, but not least – what do I want to achieve for 2012?

So, what constitutes a good year?  I’m alive and healthy so from that perspective 2011 has been good to me.  I saw Sting in Concert with the NZ Symphony Orchestra.  I went overseas to Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore, Phuket.   The New Year’s Resolution is just about ticked offnot to eat any potato chips for 1 whole year – 26 days to go and counting!  I survived another Auckland Half Marathon and started my own fashion blog.

My wardrobe contents aren’t quite so easy to dissect.  However, my most expensive purchase was my beautiful and adorable Chanel Saddle Bag that I just love.  She goes with me everywhere.  What I probably didn’t need were the 2 coats that I bought from Zambesi.  One has been worn a lot, but the other has only had an outing twice and probably was more an impulse buy than a need.  As with all Zambesi clothes, they do stand the test of time so am not remotely worried that it won’t be worn and shown off at some stage.

My most used item is my yellow leather belt that I bought in Sydney from Lulu Loves Paris for the princely sum of NZD $60.00 and has been with me on nearly every occasion since. It is one of those items that I wonder how I coped, when I didn’t have it!  The $8.00 jandals from The Warehouse saw me right for summer this year and hopefully next.  My Karen Walker sample top was the ‘find’ of the ‘sale’ shopping exploits.

I have tried hard to wear everything in my wardrobe this year.  It is said that we wear less than 20% of the items we have – surely not?  I have to be honest and say that I did buy a pair of Alexander McQueen high-heels from Ashley Ardrey that I have never worn, and am saving for a special occasion.  The problem is that they make me about 6 foot tall and I possibly need to learn how to walk in them.  I had no reason to buy them, other than I fell in love with them at the time.  Perhaps my New Year’s resolution will be to find somewhere to wear my shoes from 2011!!

For 2012 I want my blog to become ‘world famous’ and to share my passion for fashion with everyone.  I want to travel to places I’ve not been before and would love to complete my first triathlon.

Life is also about having fun, no matter what you do.  So to ‘live a little’ and laugh lots sounds like the perfect formula to me.

Yellow Tulip

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I fell into the art of style quite by accident. There was no defining moment when I decided that I knew what I wanted to do. I want people to feel good about themselves. Many don’t know where to shop and/or how to wear fashion. It has never been solely about cost, but of finding quality at a reasonable price and being able to wear - to suit your own figure, style and fashion. Join me as we explore – What is Style? Yellow Tulip

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