She Ran, She Fought Injury, She Finished – the Auckland Half Marathon Surviver’s Guide

Wearing the Tee-Shirt Proudly

Whose idea was it to run the Adidas Auckland Half Marathon yesterday?   I’m thinking perhaps I have only myself to  blame, so before I go any further, can you please remind me when I mention the idea next year – to talk me out of it.

In the spirit of how I take on any challenge, I get focused and put a plan together with one single goal in mind (to beat my time from last year).  Sounds pretty simple – but one year older and wiser you would think I have learnt my lesson by now, to quit while ahead!

I was off running – whether it was rain, hail, sun or wind that greeted me each day.  I bravely withstood the elements thrown at me. As anyone, who lives in Auckland, will know – you leave the house in sun and experience four different seasons in one day.  I was prepared for anything. Well, not quite.

I decided to go to the All Blacks victory parade in Queen Street a week ago, to show my support for the boys and without realising, ended up sustaining an injury which I just couldn’t recover from in time.  My Sports Physio (otherwise known as the Pain Doctor) tried to put me back together, as best he could and wished me luck (fingers crossed that I’d make it to the start).  “You’ll be right” were his parting words.  I quickly headed for the nearest sports store (Shoe Clinic in Newmarket) to purchase some running compression socks and anti-flamme.  Somehow thinking both would be miraculous cures for my aliments.

My next dilmena was what to wear? As is usual practice for running such races, you get the t-shirt’ proudly showing to all that you are a member of the ‘elite club’ of runners to do the race.   I throw caution to the wind and decide I want to wear my own attire and stand-out from the crowd.  My racing outfit consists of a fabulous skort (skirt with shorts underneath) from Lulelemon down at Britomart, in Auckland City.   It was my first purchase and most certainly won’t be my last.  Friendly and helpful service goes a long way.  My little pleated skort in a grey/pink and blue chequered fabric, with a zip compartment for my iPod was just perfect.  Followed closely by my Nike dri-fit top and my running hat from under armour, and my well-loved Mizuno running shoes – there was no stopping me.  Surely I looked the part?  Wearing my yellow running bib with my own special Roadster number completed the outfit.  I was ready to run AND run I did, until literally there was nothing left in the tank and I staggered over the finish line (waiting for my two fans) to applaud my major achievement in having finished the race.

It turns out that my two fans saw 2 Elvis runners, 2 lady devils, 1 Kiwi-bird and numerous runners lying comatose on the ground, at the finish line but unfortunately they never saw me.  I can tell you that I did in-fact run and finish the race in a respectable time of 1.47.47 with a body that is aching from top to bottom. Was it worth it – of course?  The sense of achievement and making it to the finish line on pure adrenalin is pretty addictive.  However, I can say with true conviction that this will be my last Auckland Half Marathon and it is now time to retire gracefully, while I still can.


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4 Comments on She Ran, She Fought Injury, She Finished – the Auckland Half Marathon Surviver’s Guide

  1. Margaret Eaton // October 31, 2011 at 9:27 am // Reply

    Congratulations you did very well with your run. The time was great and don’t worry you’ll be back for next year for another better time. Time is a great healer! Dave says well done too!

  2. Well done! You did fantastic as sooo many of us aren’t enthusiastic runners….
    Love your blog, entertaining!

  3. Way to go – what an amazing achievement. Are you sure you won’t do it again next year? 🙂

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