Eye the Glamourous, The Famous, The Interesting and US

An invitation to attend a fashion show at Bellini Bar at the Hilton with 5 star cuisine, champagne flowing and an Alannah Hill fashion show sounded a perfect opportunity for Yellow Tulip to attend her first event as an official blogger, albeit, a paying one.

Pretty Dresses and Colourful Jackets

If anyone has visited an Alannah Hill store you will know their clothes are very pretty, frilly, bright and girly? Its not a shop for anyone liking the colour black! Shop assistants looking like pretty dolls await to help you, with bright lipstick, flowers in their hair and baby doll dresses with lovely cardigans with pearl buttons –that would rival Trelise Cooper on any given day. 

Pretty in Stripes - The Runway

My intrepid friend who had invited me, was dressed top to toe in Alannah Hill, so I felt we were well represented in the designer of the night. New friend Miss A was shocked to find how formal it was and was wearing a more than appropriate dress that had a bit of a malfunction – but more on that later.

Lovely flowing gowns and champagne greeted us on arrival, along with a very heavily laden goody bag that followed us to our corner, where we had the best advantage point, to watch all the beautiful people, the famous, the interesting and US mingle.  Miss A was quick to point out a said lady (Miss Green) in a green taffeta dress or was it silk, with delicately placed back-combed hair and road kill possum hanging over her shoulders, groping man with pin-striped suit and toupee! (ok, so perhaps his hair was real – we just weren’t sure).  We had to look away when Miss Green’s hand went down the back of his trousers.  When we left, they were dancing the night away.  The evening gowns were resplendent in all the colours of the rainbow.  Low-cut and revealing but equally stunning on the slim beauties parading around.  A particularly pale-green gown caught my eye as did a lovely watermelon/pink – both ladies looked just beautiful and oh so elegant.There was an assortment of photographers that appeared to avoid us like the plague. We obviously did not cut the mustard, as no one wanted our photo. We decided to start eating the chocolate posy of flowers, while waiting for our elusive turn with the paparazzi, and thought perhaps it was Miss A’s tag that kept hanging out the back of her dress, that didn’t help our cause.  It was one of the biggest tags you ever did see.

The skinny bitches out the back just made us envious. They were models, so what would you expect. Miss A wondered how long had it been since their last meal. Saying that, they were happy to join in the devouring of the chocolate posy sitting on our table after the fashion show, so perhaps they were just average kiwi girls underneath all those frills and make-up.

The food consisted of cucumber and fish – interesting combination and oysters and the occasional won ton.  We kept waiting for the 5 star cuisine, which didn’t eventuate.  Where is the real food we all thought to ourselves!  Being all class as we are – we scuttled off to the White Lady on the way home, where we had the most delicious chicken burger ever.

Pretty in Red - The Runway

Cybele Dress

There was a dress that caught my eye, worn by the lovely Georgina.  She looked amazing in a Cybele dress and her understated style and elegance was a refreshing change amongst the multitude of barbie-esque and frilly designs that were the mainstay of the night. Her friend Jade equally had her own style and grace. They were both just lovely.

The fashion show itself contained lots of lovely stripes and spots, bows, great hats and bobby socks with heels, and splatterings of red and colour. My personal favourites were the two stripped numbers which looked very French and had a slight Chanel look about them. There was also a lovely black lace dress that looked a little Goth and Vampish.  All the looks were polished, well styled and promised of spring not too far away.  Check out the latest Fashion Quarterly and you’ll see what I mean for the looks of summer.  Anything goes!

The parting looks when leaving included seeing a lovely well-dressed man in a great velvet tailored jacket next to a woman with the brightest orange jacket you ever did see, and an elderly lady with a beautiful sequined top and palest blue shoes.

What I liked about the show or should I say the whole evening, was – that there was lots of individual style to be seen and colour was well and truly shining bright.Would I have left the house in many of the outfits on show? Goodness me, No.  But it did get me excited for summer, with spring just around that corner.
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2 Comments on Eye the Glamourous, The Famous, The Interesting and US

  1. You have certainly made a good start in the world of fashion, with such an entertaining evening.
    Although I usually wear neutral colours myself, I love looking at what everybody else is wearing, especially bright colours.

    • Thanks for your lovely feedback and yes it truly was an entertaining evening. I wish I could wear neutral colours (but somehow red, yellow, black and white) seem to have chosen me. Hope you enjoy my future blogs.

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