Fitter or Fatter?

It is now Day 3 of the NZ Government enforced lock-down and how are we all feeling ?

Starting the day with a morning run seems normal to me (although something I would generally only do in the weekends).  As an early riser, the streets aren’t that busy; however as walking is about the only exercise we can do to reduce the effects of any ‘cabin fever’ setting in – running for me has now become a game of snakes and ladders as I slither zig-zag style along the footpaths and empty roads, ensuring social distancing is maintained.

Generally, whenever I’ve been running, everyone is deep in their own thoughts and rarely acknowledges someone passing by.  Now we have to trade glances at each other, as we navigate “whose going to make the first 2 metre move!”  It invariably ends up with a ‘hello’ of sorts being shared between the participants. as a private negotiation determines who ends up in the grass verge and who gracefully dances along the footpath!

With my home office (or lack thereof) being the dining room table; it is less than a 2 metre sprint to the fridge doors!!!  This  could be dangerous?  Many of us will have a fridge over-flowing with stockpiles of food, pantries bulging under the weight of extra supplies (temptation everywhere you look).    My local Countdown supermarket had 4 bars of Whittaker’s chocolates left ; empty shelves of flour, pasta and 2 minute noodles. What does this mean?

I am keen to remain the same dress size by the end of my staycation?  To do this, I’m going to have to introduce some discipline and structure; look after the body, mind and soul and do a balancing act of sorts by avoiding extra temptation (who needs Easter eggs and hot-cross buns) when walking to the supermarket to get those extra and urgent food supplies!

At the end of the next 4 weeks, do I want to be fitter or fatter?



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6 Comments on Fitter or Fatter?

  1. Well written Helen. Hope I can be like you. Have been going for an hours walk each day to help with the effort. Unfortunately hills are too far from home so will have to make do with the flat roads instead. Best Wishes

  2. Knowing you, I’m sure you will be fitter! While we are not quite in lockdown yet here in Brisbane, we have pretty much been staying at home for the last fortnight with only brief forays out for essentials (is wine an essential item?). Craig is working from home and we have resolved to treat each other with kindness as we get used to being at home together 24/7. I am determined to keep up my walking and Pilates and thus far have not been too tempted by the treats that I have hidden in a cupboard… just in case!
    Stay healthy!

  3. I enjoyed this! I have some home exercise equipment, so joining virtual classes online. Very motivating! Also working my way through fridge by expiry dates…

  4. 5 days down another 23 to go!!! Not that I am counting. Have managed 4 out of 5 days running so will keep going till the end. Spending 24/7 will someone will be a challenge for all of us. I like your idea of treating each other with kindness!! I hope the birthday card managed to arrive and you had a nice relaxing birthday. Will be an interesting birthday for those in lockdown celebrations!! Keep in touch and take care. xx

  5. Yes, card arrived. Thank you! Had a lovely birthday – just a bbq with a few friends, but it was fun.
    Already seems like something from a past life! Good on you keeping up the running. I’ve still been walking (4km 3 x week) with a friend, and I even managed to drag Craig out for a walk yesterday! Take care too xx

    • It is about Day 20 now and still keeping up the exercise thank goodness for the nice weather. Hope you got some lovely Easter Treats and good on you for dragging Craig out for a walk or two…

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