My Birth Father & Friend – Colin

Me & Colin Birthday 2015

Sadly my birth father Colin passed away yesterday (23rd June 2016)…..

It was just over 4 years ago that I tracked down my birth father.  He used to deny his part to play in my existence, but my birth mother was very clear that there could be no other.

I think over time, Colin began to accept me and eventually realised that I wouldn’t be going away any time soon.  He lived in Melbourne but came over to New Zealand a number of times to visit.   It was amazing for me to actually have both my birth mum (who lives in Sydney) and dad sitting around the table, us all having dinner together (something I never imagined would happen) on my visits to Melbourne and Sydney over the years.

The whole time I knew Colin he wasn’t particularly well, so I think my timing was perfect in that I got to spend time with him.  We managed to cram a lot of memories into four years including going to the netball, the Aussie Tennis Open, he came over for my big birthday last year, we went shopping for a baby grand piano.  He found me the best place to stay in Paris and was always looking and sending me information on things he thought I would like to see or do.  For the last two years he organised a magazine subscription to Australian Vogue for my birthday and every time the magazine arrived – it reminded me of him.

He was a memorable character for anyone who met him.  Opinionated, stubborn, rude at times – loveable, annoying, funny and thoughtful.  He was like no other.

It is unbelievable to think only two  weeks ago, he had been messaging me about coming over to NZ for a holiday.    However, his body decided it had had enough of fighting the cancer and could cope no more.

I flew to Melbourne last weekend knowing it was likely to be the last time I would see him.  I was so glad to spend that time with him, although I doubt he even knew that I was there … rest in peace.






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11 Comments on My Birth Father & Friend – Colin

  1. DW in Brisbane // June 23, 2016 at 8:34 pm // Reply

    Oh I’m so very sad to hear that Colin has passed on. He was such a character! I’m glad you found him and had the time to get to know him before he got too ill. My deepest condolences to you and the family for your loss. xx

    • Thanks my friend – it all happened pretty suddenly to be honest. Dawn and I visited end of February and he was on fine form. It was sad to see him last weekend but I was glad I got to visit him one last time … xx

      • DW in Brisbane // June 24, 2016 at 3:26 am //

        I’m glad you got a chance to say good bye. It’s good that you had a great time catching up with him & Dawn in February – those memories will be very precious. xx

  2. So very sorry for your loss, Hel.
    What a beautifully written tribute to Colin xx

  3. So sorry to hear of your dad’s death but wonderful that you had met up in recent years & had great times together. You have written a great farewell to your father. Enjoy the memories. Love M & D

  4. Vicki and I met Collin at Helens 50th last year. We spoke to hime for over an hour on lots of topics. He had a lots of enthusiasm.
    Marco and Vicki

  5. Sending caring thoughts your way Helen. Sorry to hear of Colin’s passing x

  6. Am lucky I got to know him and very grateful to also have a half-brother who has been just amazing … thanks for your thoughts. xx

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