My over-flowing Make-up Bag

Over-flowing make-up bag

I lug my Kookai make-up bag with me to work every day.  Occasionally I think to open it when my lips start to feel dry and need a smattering of my Chanel lip-balm or Mac dusty pink lip gloss.  The thought never occurs to me to comb my hair, despite the fact I often look windswept in a bad way, but  choose to do nothing about it!!

My morning make-up ritual is quite simple  :

Firstly I moisturise my face with a mixture of ASAP and Priori beauty products from Beauty on the Strand so that my skin is well hydrated and looking fresh and clean before I apply on any of my make-up.

Mac Prep + Prime is currently the product I use (in a vain attempt to cover up my bags) under my eyes.  A whip of my waterproof Clarins mascara which wipes off in a breeze, and is perfect for ensuring no panda eyes.  A dab of bare minerals bronzer on my cheeks (why I do this, I have no idea) as my cheek bones are well evident.  I think in wintertime, it adds a bit of colour.  Yes, a quick brush of the hair and occasionally a use of my GHD straighteners to get rid of those annoying wispy bits and off I go.  To be honest, I spend more time putting my outfit together than on looking after my face.  I really don’t have a clue about how to put on makeup.

So what exactly do I have in my make-up purse:-

2 lip glosses; 2 lip pencils; 1 lip balm; 1 glitter gloss; 1 precision eye-definer (whatever that does); 3 lipsticks; 1 comb; 1 mirror; 1 make-up brush; 1 highlighting cream; 2 mascaras; 1 beauty-flash balm; small bottle of perfume; packet of tissues, hairclips; hair-ties etc. It weighs a ton.  I feel so secure with having it near-by just in case. However what I really need to do is de-clutter.  Do you?


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4 Comments on My over-flowing Make-up Bag

  1. Absolutely love the make up bag, Yellow Tulip! You sound perfectly organised; nothing wrong with that! You never know when you may need an extra splash of make up in a day time.

    • I just need to get with applying the make-up that I do have. Thanks for the tutorial around how to use liquid foundation. I haven’t yet been game to try but definitely will. It was great to visit Beauty on the Strand to get the helpful hints.

  2. DW in Brisbane // June 11, 2015 at 5:04 am // Reply

    I had to declutter so only take the basics with me – lip gloss, lipstick, mineral powder & brush, comb, spare hair tie/clip & mirror- all in a small makeup bag. A neck & shoulder injury a while back means I can’t have too much weight in my handbag, so anything not strictly necessary is out. If it’s too heavy, the ramifications are painful and expensive (lots of physio!). And with a 7am start at work, my morning routine is very speedy and finely tuned! Clothes and shoes are planned the night before & if my hair surprises me in the morning with unexpected frizz or mad waves, it gets swept up into a ponytail or bun – out of sight and out of mind! 😀

  3. Sounds like you have perfect organisation for your work routine. I have something similar although generally decide on the morning now, what I feel like wearing. I can’t stand those wispy bits of hair so the straighteners have been used a lot lately. Doesn’t help need a hair cut. Hope your neck and shoulder are getting better. Would be keen to know what you think about your mineral powder and which brand that you use. I really like mineral powder and had been using bare minerals until recently. I now use Bella Vi which is just amazing and nice for a change.

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