Socks in the City

Love, love, love socks so here is my blog all about my favourite accessory of the moment.  SOCKS!!

As I wear boots most days, I’m always buying socks and have a dedicated sock draw, that is over-flowing.  Whether they be short, long, frilly, patterned, thin, thick, multi-coloured or just plain black – they keep my feet lovely and warm and look great with my favourite pair of boots.

I buy them from lots of places including Alannah Hill, Cotton-On, Route 66, Farmers, Platypus and often like to make a statement with my outfit, by wearing a colourful sock or two!.  Perhaps I should be called the Sock Lady!

My do’s and don’ts are pretty simple really. DON’T ever wear socks with Sandals (never a good look) and DO have fun with  colours and patterns (no excuse to only ever wear black or white).  Today I’m wearing my new floral Stance cushioned socks from Platypus – oh so comfortable!

With it coming into winter, we’ll all be wearing lots more socks.  No one wants cold feet!!


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6 Comments on Socks in the City

  1. DW in Brisbane // April 15, 2015 at 1:18 am // Reply

    I love socks too and like you, my drawer was overflowing. My solution – 2 sock drawers! Hmmm, perhaps it’s time for a cull to make room for a new pair or two for when winter finally gets here! 😀👢

    • I hadn’t really thought about a second sock draw, as normally good at culling the oldies for some new and improved socks. However I am pleased to know there is another sock friend out there … and with the change in temperatures here, am most certainly using my sock draw more often. Happy days. xx

  2. Love your pics Yellow Tulip…. Socks are great!

  3. The kids here are wearing cute socks that come up to mid thigh and have cats heads on them – although they look like long socks, they are actually skin colored tights with “socks” as the design. Lots of fun.

  4. I love the sound of those socks, but perhaps not with the cats heads on them .. send me a photo if you can … sounds like fun socks !!

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