Wedding Dress Shopping

It has been awhile since I have gone wedding dress shopping.  Actually when I decided to get married, I had an idea already about what type of dress I wanted and didn’t actually go looking.  Rather I went to a dress maker with a collage of pictures; we collaborated together on my ideas. She then made me a calico sample and then we decided what needed altering before she made the wedding dress in a white dupion silk with black detailing.

Would I wear this now – absolutely not.  I never suited hats and still don’t, but am pleased to say that I did try the dress on last month, which would have been my wedding anniversary and fitted it with ease; so some things haven’t changed, even if the husband is now with another.  But that is another story!!

My trip down memory lane started with my niece getting engaged last month and as honorary ‘mother of the bride’ we went looking for wedding dresses last weekend.  When out walking one balmy summer’s evening I found a bridal store that from the outside-in looked to have styles and accessories that I thought my niece might like.  As you do now, I booked an appointment on-line, was advised by email there was a cost which included a personal stylist, and counted down the days. It was a wait of 3 weeks for a Saturday appointment.

Perhaps my expectations were too high (it was Valentine’s Day and love was in the air)? but the whole experience didn’t live up to what I had expected.  We walked in, all excited.  My first thought was how pretty the shop looked, but where was the dressing room?  It was one big open space with a small half-circle curtained area.

There was no hiding from the public who just wandered on in and around us while the bride-to-be was trying on dresses; one lady couldn’t decide between three fascinators!  I also expected we would be offered a drink of water or tea in a bone-china cup.  Our appointment was for 1.5 hours and it was a hot summers day.  My niece would often have to ask for help as the stylist was busy attending to other people in the store.  Given the stylist wasn’t much older than my niece, I didn’t feel she had a wealth of experience.  This was affirmed with the first dress, caftan style which didn’t look good, however the two assistants both oohed and ahhed at how beautiful she looked.

We are off to another bridal store this weekend, so fingers crossed a better experience.

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8 Comments on Wedding Dress Shopping

  1. Love your dress Helen! Was gorgeous in 1995 for sure…
    A client told me her and her daughter went Bridal Dress shopping last week and found someone ever so helpful and nice who was full of ideas. Will let you know who she was…

    • Hi there – yes please if you could let me know which store they went to would be great for their wedding dress experience. We are going to another bridal store this weekend, so fingers crossed a better experience.

  2. Wow even back then you were so stylish and individual love that you choose the black and white.

    • As we know style does change but I do like the black and white concept and loved the fact that the poufy skirt part actually detached so could wear as a long dress .. and I did actually wear once since then.

  3. DW in Brisbane // February 18, 2015 at 8:58 am // Reply

    I may be biased, having been a bridesmaid on the day, but I loved your wedding dress – it was stylish and celebrated your individuality. I also felt very stylish in my bridesmaid’s one! I think you suited that hat! Know what you mean though – I don’t suit many hats, although I’d love to be able to wear them! Isn’t it funny when we look back on our fashion choices a decade or two later and compare then to our current choices and tastes! That bridal shop you went to sounds bizarre! Hope you and the niece have better luck elsewhere! 😀

    • Funnily enough I had you and Vickii in hats as well !! Crystal, Iana and I are off looking again this weekend so hopefully we find the perfect dress. Some styles I don’t mind coming back in fashion – the 70’s look to be strong this coming winter. I still like my wedding dress but definitely wish I had different sleeves …

  4. I will be getting married for the first time this year and you and your beautiful niece will be at the wedding in fact, your talented niece has your fashion genes and is designing my dress – I’m thinking a 1940’s suit….. wish you were here in Seattle to help plan!

  5. Can’t wait for the wedding and wish could help you plan for your big day. Fingers crossed I get to Seattle this year for a nice holiday. 1940’s suit sounds perfect and Crystal can’t wait to get designing and making your wedding creation. Love and hugs xx

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