The Art of Giving & Receiving

Can’t believe less than 8 days to go until Christmas and I still have about 7 presents to buy.  The problem with Christmas shopping is the temptation to find things for yourself that you like and get a little side-tracked. Not good!!  You can imagine that this is exactly what happened to me.  I was organised with a list and ideas for present shopping,  The problem was, that my name wasn’t written down and I kept being tempted.  So what did I buy myself and was it worth it?

In an antique store in Ellerslie I found a sparkly gold 1960’s clutch purse made from Stirling Mesh.  It was so shiny and pretty; with satin lining, in excellent condition, was the perfect size and even had a dainty chain-strap.  I had recently decided that I wanted to start collecting clutch purses so this was a good reason to buy another.  It didn’t help that the week before I had ventured into Gucci to look for a present for a my friend (on the first day of sale) and bought myself, yes you guessed it – a Clutch with the most beautiful flora print on the outside, that will brighten any outfit on a lovely summer’s day. I wonder if Santa might bring me another Clutch for Christmas?


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2 Comments on The Art of Giving & Receiving

  1. DW in Brisbane // December 17, 2014 at 3:27 am // Reply

    I always find that when I’m Christmas shopping I find loads of things for myself. It’s a seasonal phenomenon – I never find that many perfect things in one place for me at any other time of the year! Just last week I ventured out to buy my very last pressie and lo and behold – a pair of shoes in my size (since I have the smallest feet in the Southern Hemisphere this is a very rare occurrence)! Needless to say, I had to buy them! Love the purses! Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  2. Am so proud of you for buying the shoes … a girl can never have too many pairs ever and its not like our feet change size as we mature (or get slightly older). I’m looking forward to my clutch purse first outing (whenever that may be). I went Christmas shopping last night with Iana and we were very good at staying ‘on track’ – until we found a shop where if you bought two items, the third one was free. Of course the third item for ourselves doesn’t count as it didn’t cost us anything !! Have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas. xx

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