Bags or NO Bags?

Chanel GST Shopping Tote

I bet the first thing you will be thinking is that this blog is going to be all about bags. You know the ones with handles/straps that come generally in nice soft leather and in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.  Chanel being my favourite bags! Well here is where you will be wrong. I hate the bags under my eyes and have been thinking seriously about doing something about them for years  Anyone who can remember as far back as Coronation Street with Ena Sharples and her prolific bags – yip, that’s me minus the hairnet.

Needless to say, the only photos I like taken of me are either with my sunglasses on OR no photo at all. That’s the two choices.

I have tried every type of eye cream known to man. From cheap and cheerful to expensive.  My bags and dark circles just won’t budge.  It would appear I have high check bones and not a lot of fat for my bags to rest on.  What is a girl to do? Jackie Onassis wore sunglasses a lot and seemed to get away with it.   Instead of Jackie O we could now have Helen O? I have been to see a Specialist and for the cost of around $7k and about a week off work living in a quiet darkened room my problems could all be solved. It’s the type of operation that makes most sense to do in winter when you don’t want to go out and happy to lay low.  It just seems so much money for something that only lasts up to about 10 years.  Do you think I need to wait until I am a bit older or take the plunge.  Of course I still need to find the money!  Perhaps I should be selling one of my designer handbags and replacing one bag for another? cropped-banner_yt.gif

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4 Comments on Bags or NO Bags?

  1. Helen
    you are lovely the way you are. I would wait as technology is getting better all the time so maybe in a few years time the facelift will last the rest of your life. Just think how lovely you will then look at 80+ Cheers Margaret

    • You have a point there Margaret – perhaps if I have waited this long (another couple of years won’t do too much difference). Meanwhile I’ll keep doing my Jackie O impression. Have a nice day. H.

  2. DW in Brisbane // October 29, 2014 at 7:14 am // Reply

    I agree with Margaret – you look great the way you are! I’d wait if I was you. With the speed of technology these days, there is surely a better and perhaps more cost effective treatment just “around the corner”. $7000 is an awful lot to spend on something that will only last a max of 10 years! Have you tried Clinique’s “all about eyes” serum? I find it really good, myself. Besides, I reckon you’d go stir crazy having to stay at home for a week! 😄

  3. Thanks friend – I hadn’t tried the All About Eyes serum from Clinque but will check it out. I think my problem is genetic. When I saw Dawn last weekend, I was talking to her about it. She doesn’t seem to have the same problem so bad, but does have the high cheekbones and slim face. There just isn’t much fat for the skin to attach to, hence why the bags. OH well.
    I wasn’t looking forward to the enforced staying indoors and it was looking more like 2 weeks, with limited access to sun and outside for up to 4. Have a lovely day.

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