Mucking around in Gumboots


Swanndri – Muckboot Gumboot

Not known for being the most stylish of footwear, I went looking for the ultimate gumboot and was surprised at what I could find.  I liked the Muckboot available from Swanndri (a NZ brand I associate with quality, practicality and longevity) which came with a price tag of around $150.00 NZ dollars for comfort, warmth, and durability.  With a couple of colour options and more pizzazz than your standard cheap black version that often sees you being able to fit two of your feet into the one gumboot, this could be the ultimate in gumboot envy.

Many of you would have heard of the Hunter gumboot as worn by many of the rich and famous and a brand that has been around for over 150 years.  Priced around 89 pounds and available in every colour imaginable, you’ll be striding around the paddocks, sports-field, or garden in style.  The hardest decision will be deciding which colour.

Just to keep an even playing field, I did go into The Warehouse to look at their gumboot range, and found their were a lot more choices on-line than in-store.  I did try on the Mambo Gumboots for NZ$39.00 which went perfectly with my pink puffer jacket.  How long they would last is anyone’s guess, but at that price, would you really care?  I just need to find somewhere to wear them!!





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3 Comments on Mucking around in Gumboots

  1. DW in Brisbane // June 3, 2014 at 11:18 pm // Reply

    Some women here in Brisbane wear them to get to work on really rainy days – great for splashing through the puddles and saves having to sit in soggy wet shoes all day! They kind of look a little bit chic in a quirky way! I just love my green, blue and white stripey ones! 😀

    • I agree that they have their own sense of style (depending on the colour and pattern of course). Love seeing little kids splashing in puddles and having a great time in the wet. You should send a photo of your own stylish gumboots. Have a nice day.

  2. Those shoes are stunning and versatile. I would like to own them too. 😀

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