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Gifts for Kids

I love Christmas shopping.  However, I didn’t want to blow the budget like I did last year, so this time I took a list with me.  Off I went, focused on getting as many names as possible crossed off – with one small person, a 3 year old top of the list.

What did Bubba want from Nonna?  It would appear the list wasn’t too extensive this year.  So here goes …

  1. 1 big lollypop (still looking for one)
  2. 1 pair of togs – $16.00 from The Warehouse
  3. 1  beach bag – $34.90 from Country Road
  4. 1 kicker board so I can become a really good swimmer $6.99 from The Warehouse

Ok, so 3 out of 4 was a great start.  I like the fact I’m also going practical this year.  No toys or dolls in sight and she already has enough books to become her own lending library.

Of course the hardest thing about shopping for others, is the temptation to shop for one-self.  This is when I have to admit I did buy a black dress from Glassons for $49.00 and a hat from Max which was $39.00.  I needed the hat, but perhaps not another black dress!

There is no time like Christmas to treat yourself.  Just ask me.

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4 Comments on Gifts For Me & You

  1. DW in Brisbane // December 10, 2013 at 11:57 pm // Reply

    I really don’t like shopping at the best of times, let alone with all the crowds at Christmas, so I usually have my list written and everything purchased by the beginning of November. This year I too set a budget and vowed I didn’t need a single thing. But despite my good intentions, I managed to find a couple of dresses, some new shorts and a cute top just for me. I also went to a jewellery party, ostensibly to purchase a couple of presents, but again found a little something or two just for me! So much for the good intentions and the budget! A very merry Christmas to you and your family, Yellow Tulip.

    • Sounds like we have similar tendencies when it comes to Christmas shopping. Am sure it was nice to get a few new pieces for the summer wardrobe and a girl can never have too much jewellery. I’ll try and get myself back on track within the budget otherwise the last people on the list, may end up with nothing. Have a safe and happy Christmas too and hope Santa is good to you. xx

  2. that is a stunning dress and heels, so fabulous!
    have a wonderful holiday!
    xoxo Vera & Rony

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