Call me Loyal

Cards, Cards, Cards

Is there such a thing as Shopping Loyalty?

My wallet is overflowing with loyalty cards from retail stores that I rarely use or even remember that I have.  It requires way too much effort when the shop assistant asks, to rifle through EFTPOS receipts and cards to find the right one.  Why do I bother?

On a recent visit to a retail store, I was told that on my next purchase I would be lucky enough to get $5.00 off.  I asked how much I needed to have spent to have got this reward and she kindly responded $150.00.  Even though I wasn’t good at Maths, this didn’t seem a particularly good reward system.  Was I going to rush back to spend the $5.00 – I didn’t think so.

So, how important is it for stores to get this right?  In retail, you often don’t get a second chance.  We aren’t particularly loyal these days.  We go where the bargains are and the word FREE readily appears.  Customer service is important too.  We don’t like to be ignored and we are far more liberal with our spend.

I shopped at Superette over the weekend.  If you haven’t been there – the clothing range is superb, they have a well sourced range of homewares and the atmosphere is welcoming.  The smell of a lit candle provides a nice aroma to wander around with.

I didn’t realise until completing my purchase that if you spent over $150.00 you received a free toiletries/make-up bag valued at $49.00.  This seemed a pretty good deal to me.  I guess it was that whole ‘surprise and delight’ as I had no idea this promotion was on.  I was also able to use a $10.00 voucher I had recently acquired.  It was a great shopping experience.November2013Blog 015

I’m not so keen on the stores that offer that ‘one night shopping’ experience for their loyal customers, where you get discount on all purchases.  Generally it is around 20-25% off.  I am always dubious about the fact they must hide away all the good stock, as I can never ever find what I want.

I’m also yet to be convinced about the offering of free Christmas wrapping around this time of year.  Sometimes the gifts end up looking more like they have been run over by a truck or strangled by the amount of cellotape used.  The ghastly wrapping paper doesn’t help either.  Before I accept the kind offer, I like to check the quality control i.e. could a 3 year old do a better job?

As a shopper, I have become less loyal, but it doesn’t bother me.  All I generally want is quality with my purchasing dollar, and some recognition to help me come back.  A girl can never have too many clothes or shoes in her wardrobe.  I should know!

Yellow Tulip

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