The Lure of the Party Planner

I was invited to attend a lingerie/leisure-wear party at a friend’s house over the weekend. I hadn’t been to anything like this in years.  It reminded me of going to a Tupperware party, where the hostess provides lots of lovely food to eat, everyone buys lots, and someone ends up wanting to have a party themselves!IMG_3092

It must be the pressure of being in a small intimate group of women that makes you feel you can’t let the team down and not participate, in the retail tidal wave that washes over you.  Like magic, your credit-card appears out of no-where to be ‘swiped’ in front of your eyes. Purchase complete.

What was I thinking? Our party planner Pauline starts the day telling us about the wonders of selling such apparel.  Great riches; time to travel the world and more time to spend with the family.  Doesn’t it sound appealing?  A suitcase of tricks then appears from under the coffee table, with a variety of bra’s, underwear and leisure-wear on show.  Items are eagerly passed around for us to feel and admire.  I laugh when Pauline comments that she can’t actually wear 95% of the bra range as she is too small !!  That counts me out I think to myself.

I notice that there is an odd, ill-fitting mannequin standing in the corner of the room.  It turns out that it was dressed in the ‘leisure-wear’ range.  It looks terrible.  There was no sense of style and the colour combination was blinding.  It wasn’t looking good from where I was sitting.

However Pauline wasn’t so easily put-off.  Each of us one-by-one somehow ended up in the fitting room, trying on a bra or two and I was no exception.  There were a few items that were ok, but the top half and bottom, didn’t seem to come in a shape to suit me.  She also advised me that I would need to start wearing ‘under-wire’ as otherwise me and my 10A’s would be sagging down to my knees.  For those who know me, this would be an absolute miracle!

You can guess that I wasn’t sold on anything.  The colours, style and fabric weren’t fashionable from my perspective, and satin isn’t high on my list of fabrics I like to wear.  I prefer cotton and lace thanks.  There was a lady who mentioned she was wearing one of the range’s matching under-wear sets and that she thought, it was better than the Elle Macpherson she used to wear – so it does appeal to some, just not me

As always, it comes down to the fact we are all so different in what we like.  For Pauline she loves the brand, and that’s all that matters really.  For me, my friend Calvin Klein gives me all the support I could ever need.

p.s. One brand I really like and worth checking out,is Victoria Secret’s lingerie range.  See what you think?

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I fell into the art of style quite by accident. There was no defining moment when I decided that I knew what I wanted to do. I want people to feel good about themselves. Many don’t know where to shop and/or how to wear fashion. It has never been solely about cost, but of finding quality at a reasonable price and being able to wear - to suit your own figure, style and fashion. Join me as we explore – What is Style? Yellow Tulip

2 Comments on The Lure of the Party Planner

  1. I got carried away at the Smith & Caughey sale and bought 8 bras – too many given that I have just started an intensive gym programme and my boobs are the first area to shrink when I lose weight, damn it. I just couln’t resist Calvin at $12, $22 etc each and they all looked fantastic! I find their bras fit my double D’s beautifully and are sexy but tastefully simple. I really like S&C’s fitters – it makes such a difference when you have a well fitting garment of any kind. Yellow Tulip made me throw out my old and unflattering knickers. Comfortable does not have to mean ugly, she said firmly, walking me to the rubbish bin. I do shudder when I pass those as seen on TV bras on display at the chemist – they scream “I have given up on my body.”

    • Smith & Caughey are a great place to go for lingerie. Good sales and great variety plus knowledgeable staff is always good. I have always worn lots of Calvin Klein as fits and they do non-underwire bras that have some style about them. Am so pleased your lingerie draw has some quality knickers and bras in there. Those TV bras look a sight, but I understand they do the trick, so style is replaced by function. Thanks for reading my blog .. xx

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