Shopping and Swapping!

Have you ever bought something and then changed your mind, hoping to be able to exchange it, or better still get your money back?

While in Hawaii last week I was really impressed at how easy it was to return a couple of items of clothing that I just didn’t like anymore.  I was never going to wear the two polyester items I had bought, and wondered whether I could exchange and/or get my money back.  On reading the exchange policy it appeared I had plenty of options, including a full refund, exchange, or store credit.  No questions asked, I returned the next day to the fashion boutique and decided to swap the two items for a denim skirt and cotton top and then received a cash refund for the difference.  I left a happy customer, with some extra money to spend elsewhere.

On checking the pile of store receipts me and the teenager had accumulated, I found they all offered excellent refund policies.  She then decided to return two items to Forever 21 as she had seen something else she preferred.  We were thinking this is a great way to shop.

I then decided to see how easy it was to return products back in NZ and checked my receipts from previous purchases.  I found that we aren’t quite as customer friendly as our overseas partners.  Many companies here will only exchange if the product is faulty and receipts clearly say that you cannot ‘exchange’ should you ‘change your mind’.  I don’t generally read my receipt ever, other than to check I have been charged the correct amount!  I was pleasantly surprised to see the Kookai receipt stood out as offering an excellent ‘change your mind’ policy.

As with anything, it always pays to read the ‘fine-print’.  There is never any harm in asking, and the worst thing a store-owner can do is say ‘No’.  I’m going to be checking my receipts a little more carefully from hereon in.

Happy Shopping or Swapping!!

p.s. Just a tip for your summer shopping – that jumpsuits are very on-trend, whether they be short or long.  Blog to come.

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2 Comments on Shopping and Swapping!

  1. I’d be interested in hearing what you think about Trade Me. I have had buyers return goods – in one case the gentleman said the product was not as described – which was not true, he’d just bought impulsively. I refunded as we are all human, but I find Trade Me buyers have higher expectataions and can be much mroe demanding than shoppers in retail, maybe because they are in bargain mentality or they can’t examine most of the goods before hand? we can write off a sale item at a shop if we have made a mistake and give it to charity, but with Trade Me items we tend to sell them back on line or complain?

  2. I have had the same problems with Trade Me. Buyer’s expectations are so different to the seller’s. I have had to refund in 2 instances, due I believe to people just changing their mind, but it is hard to prove and sometimes it is just easier to refund and relist. Over the weekend one of the retail stores in Newmarket have just changed their returns policy to include the ability to exchange or full refund should you just have a change of mind. I wonder if this is due to the exchange policy around buying from overseas sites, which generally offer a refund no questions asked. Have a nice day.

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