Always the wrong season?

With the winter sales appearing everywhere, I am beginning to realise that in the next couple of weeks we will start to see all manner of shear, colourful, possibly short and even sleeveless clothes that will be tempting us, no matter where we look.      July2013Blog 034

This whole “season-buying for summer in the depths of winter” is kind-of hard to contemplate when you are wearing a combination of boots, jeans, leggings, sweatshirt or jumpers most days.  I just can’t imagine showing any form of my lovely pale skin that has been well-preserved and hidden these last couple of months to anyone.

So with this in mind, I have decided that I am NOT, yes you read correctly, NOT going to go anywhere near the shops, as I haven’t worn half of my winter clothes yet!  I most certainly don’t want to end up thinking about springtime when my winter wardrobe and I are just getting to know ourselves that much better.  I am also going to pretend that the July sales don’t exist.

Wish me luck.

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6 Comments on Always the wrong season?

  1. I couldn’t agree more – especially since we have such short winters here in QLD. I have to admit to getting heartily sick of my summer wardrobe and really love my “winter” wardrobe – mainly because I only get to wear it for 2-3 months before it’s back to the summer look! Good luck with your lack of shopping – I may just join you!

    • I think you might just be right when it comes to the winter wardrobe and the fact we don’t get to wear the clothes as much as we would like. They generally cost twice as much as the summer ones too. I am going to sit tight and enjoy saving money – good luck if you decide to join me.

  2. Marg Eaton // July 6, 2013 at 8:49 am // Reply

    Does that mean no shopping while in Christchurch this Wednesday? We will have to find something else to do if there is no shopping!!

  3. I agree, it is very hard imagining wanting to wear a swim suit or shorts when we are still getting hail!

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