Trash or Keep

I have finally decided it is cold enough to swap over my summer wardrobe to my winter woolies.  In the process of doing this, I have un-earthed some coats that I can’t decide whether to TRASH or KEEP.  So I thought I’d ask your opinion on what should stay or go.  I need to admit that some coats (or should I say all) have not been worn for many years.  Perhaps this is telling me something?  Anyway, you decide…

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Yes, what was I thinking, you ask?  The great thing about fashion and getting older, is hopefully we acquire better taste in what looks good!!  Meanwhile, if you ask nicely, I could probably even find a photo of myself in the matching tartan bomber jacket and skirt !!


Yellow Tulip

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8 Comments on Trash or Keep

  1. What memories some of them bring back! I remember borrowing the swing coat from you! Can’t believe you’d let the yellow one go! I also remember the tartan ensemble but think its time to let that one go and probably some of the others too or perhaps retire them to a vintage store so that someone else can love them. I actually quite like the moschino one.

    • Wise words my friend .. and yes I think you are right – you did borrow the swing coat. That was probably its last outing. The Moschino fits perfectly, so perhaps I should look to keep that one. I may look to keep the Kimono as quite a collectors piece from NOM*D and you never know, I may have a dress-up party with a Japanese theme !! I did try the others on, but I’m fairly certainly my body shape has changed as they all looked pretty dreadful … the yellow one, well yes it could be a keeper too.

  2. I would get rid of everything but the Moschino

    • I would have so much more room in the wardrobe if I was to do that. Perhaps my limit is that I can only keep a maximum of 2 ….. and will donate the others to a more worthy cause.

  3. I can’t believe you have kept all those coats ! I agree with the Moschino, tartan bomber and skirt have to go …. hilarious 🙂

    • It would have been worse to have seen me in the matching ensemble !! But yes, time to let go of all except the Moschino. I am a bit scared to keep on looking in the wardrobe to find some other unknown fashion treasures ….

  4. Shouldn’t you be keeping all of these for your fashion museum? Or your great grand kids? Another option would be first scene who provide costumes for films….they all look in such great condition!

    • The coats have all been hiding in my wardrobe for so long .. but I think they now need to find a new home, or I might donate to a worthy cause. They have been well looked after so plenty of years left in them …

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