An Honest Opinion

I have a young friend going to a ball in a couple of weeks who has been trying to decide what dress to wear and wanted my opinion.  There were a couple of options she was considering.  The first was a white, full-length halter-neck dress in pure polyester that she had seen on the Facebook page ‘walk in wardrobe’ and had borrowed.  Thank goodness she hadn’t bought it, as in my opinion it looked like a nice dress to wear to bed/or the beach – but not to a ball.

She had already solicited two opinions, before she sought my expert advice.  I had my work cut out for me as both family members had already told her how lovely she looked.  She was pretty keen to buy the dress once she had unanimous approval.  I had to be honest as it just looked too big and cheap (which it wasn’t).  I knew she could do better.  The dress was going back!

The second dress couldn’t have been more opposite to the first, in that it reminded me of ‘The Supremes‘ and was completely covered in bright blue sequins.  It was incredibly short at the front and long at the back, with a high neck-line and low back.  I was thinking that I could definitely borrow it later in the year for a disco party – but to a ball?  If there was a power-cut, she’d be lighting up the room for sure.

She very kindly left a trail of sequins that began to fall off the dress as she wandered around looking at herself in different angles in the mirror, assessing the view!! Yet again I had to tread carefully with my opinion, and advised that it definitely looked better than the first – but ‘was it really her’?  I hasten to add that she had already purchased this one.  I was going into unchartered territory.

You can imagine my relief when she informs me about 24 hours later that she has taken the sequin dress back to the shop as it definitely ‘wasn’t her’ and asked if she could exchange it.  She admitted to me that the shop owner had done a fantastic job of convincing her how amazing it looked, and as it was the last one in her size, she should buy it!  I wasn’t too sure what they were seeing, but that wasn’t quite the reaction I had.  My young friend made the observation that she really shouldn’t shop on her own when wanting to buy such an important purchase, as you can’t believe a word a shop assistant says.  Wise words for someone so young I thought.

Yellow Tulip

p.s. This story does have a happy ending however, as we went shopping together and she found the perfect dress.  One so elegant and sophisticated (with no polyester or sequins in sight) that I am sure she will be the ‘belle of the ball’ on the night.  These were the 3 finalists – can you guess which one she bought?

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14 Comments on An Honest Opinion

  1. The pink one?? They are so gorgeous!!

    • Thanks for reading my blog, my friend – what did you think of the white dress and the sequin ? Was I right to say ‘I don’t think so’?
      Now that would be telling if I told you which dress? will see what other comments come through and then reveal the winner.

      • Totally right about the white one. Kind of reminds me of a dress from a shop like glassons that you would wear to the beach or a casual ladies lunch. The three options were definitely gorgeous gowns suited for a ball!! I hope your friend has a stunning time she will look fabulous in any of them!

  2. DW in Brisbane // April 24, 2013 at 12:10 am // Reply

    I think they are all nice, but in my opinion the pink one is the most flattering for her figure. I thought the white polyester was quite ill fitting – she’d have needed a lot of double sided tape to avoid any “wardrobe malfunction” in that one! The sequin one would be good for a party, disco or 70’s theme perhaps, but not quite right for a ball!

  3. She was pretty worried about any malfunction, as were we all. The girl selling it wanted $200 which I thought was a ridiculous amount of money for polyester. I would have been keen to have used the blue sequin number for the 70’s party but for a ball – I didn’t think so. The pink one is very pretty I would have to agree. Thanks for reading my blog.

  4. You are such a tease, haha. While I really like the pink dress, I absolutely love the classy and elegant red dress.

    XOXO Nensi

    • Hi Nensi – it was quite an entertaining day for sure. Thanks so much for reading my blog .. hope you are having a nice day.
      I like the red dress too by the way – but they all looked nice except for the 70’s disco dress and the nightie!!

  5. Love the final three, but the maroon coloured one at the bottom with the sequinned top is my favourite.

  6. GO PINK!! Love it!

  7. I like all of them, but I like how she looks in the pink one. Don´t know if that was the one she picked.

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