New Year’s Resolutions – Yes/No ?

I often set unrealistic expectations on my New Year’s Resolutions and then feel terribly disappointed that I  haven’t achieved what I wanted.  So this year, I’m keeping it simple. I am going to stay committed to writing my blog, be healthy and happy.


Well actually, perhaps i had better consider 1 resolution – to spend less and save more!

Yellow Tulip

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I fell into the art of style quite by accident. There was no defining moment when I decided that I knew what I wanted to do. I want people to feel good about themselves. Many don’t know where to shop and/or how to wear fashion. It has never been solely about cost, but of finding quality at a reasonable price and being able to wear - to suit your own figure, style and fashion. Join me as we explore – What is Style? Yellow Tulip

6 Comments on New Year’s Resolutions – Yes/No ?

  1. Love the sound of your goals Yellow Tulip. Health is definetly wealth, without good health we have nothing…..

  2. Happy New Year, Yellow Tulip!
    Steering away from the usual ones about diet and exercise, my resolution is simply to be thankful for what I have, do right by others and be good to myself along the way!

    • Happy New Year to you too … like the sound of your resolutions to just be happy and enjoy life. Keep it simple could be our motto of the year. Hope its been a good one .. and thanks for your comments. I really enjoy the fact that people read my blog …. thanks a million.

  3. Keeping it simple, love it – couldn’t agree more 🙂

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