Topshop really is a Top Shop by What is Style by Yellow Tulip

Clothes bought at Topshop

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Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to visit the much-anticipated Topshop, which opened its doors in Sydney last month.  A convert for many years I was keen to see what they had in-store down under.

With three levels of women’s fashion and one level of men’s, there was a lot to like, with the brand offering their general clothing range plus a ‘petite’ and ‘talle’ collection.  Casual-wear and street-wear intermingled with floral tailored jackets.  Lots of cut-off shorts and coloured-patterned skinny pants.  Lace skirts/dresses and peplum tops, with the odd bit of khaki provided solidarity to a very colourful range.  Shoes including leopard print, neon, velvet and ankle boots sat alongside woven sandals and sneakers.  Given the rainbow of colours and styles, it would appear that anything really goes for summer 2013.

While visiting Topshop my friend and I were offered the ‘personal shopper’ service (which by all accounts was free).   It was just fantastic. The changing rooms were generous in size, with a lounge area situated outside, offering refreshments, with cookies and toffee adorning the side table. Any sizing issues with clothes and shoes were easily dispelled, as help was on hand and once all your purchases had been decided, there was the ability to pay at a private counter, where we happily parted with our money.  It was truly a ‘top shop’ experience and one which I would highly recommend.

Yellow Tulip

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6 Comments on Topshop really is a Top Shop by What is Style by Yellow Tulip

  1. Sounds amazing, keen to visit!

  2. love your purchases, did you get the shoes with the yellow heels? They looked like your style 🙂 personal shopping always makes me think of the fabulously trashy novel Scruples – a fun read. I look forward to visiting Top Shop!

    • So wanted the shoes with the fluro heel but unfortunately they didn’t have my size. Did I need another pair of shoes!! Personal shopping was great – would recommend all stores (if of a decent size) should be offering such a service. I will be going back for sure.

  3. Love Top Shop!

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