London Fashion Falls Short So Far

Selfridges Window Display

Selfridges Window Display

Well, I haven’t much to report in regards to fashion in London so far. Weather has been lousy so hoping the sun does arrive some time before I leave at the end of the month. By the way, am over here doing a Fashion Journalism Course at St Martins.  So far so good!!  The class is a real mix of international students from all corners of the world.  I am learning lots which I hope will lead to a future as a Fashion Journalist.  .

Two fashion moments from London I thought I’d share with you were: when I hopped on the tube my first day, there was an eastern european bride and groom standing in the train looking wet and miserable, having photos taken with a couple of friends.  I could only get a glimpse on camera of the bottom of her dress, as they looked far from happy and were not keen for a photo.  She was trying her best, to not get her cream and lace dress dirty – but a pretty difficult task on the tube and in the rain.  Poor girl – you had to feel sorry for her.

Glimpse of the wedding dress

The second fashion moment was when I was waiting for the tube and a man with a paisley umbrella, aubergine suit, with bright purple shoes and a yellow and white shirt boarded the train.  I applaud his individual fashion sense of style and ability to make the ensemble work. He most certainly brightened up the trip on the tube that morning.  I couldn’t imagine seeing this sight anywhere else in the world, let-alone New Zealand!!

Love those shoes

Given the awful weather in London I have snuck off to Paris for a couple of days and hope to be inspired with all the beautiful Parisian fashion there is to be seen and to see a little bit of sun. So far have been really impressed with how many stores seem to be on sale, and the men’s clothes and shoes look well-tailored with an extensive and colourful range of beautifully crafted shoes – fingers crossed woman’s wear is equally as good.

Great style

Au revoir

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  1. What is going on with the Selfridges window display? Some kind of tribute to Pearly Kings & Queens?

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