The Missing Piece is Found

It is hard to put into words the emotional toll tracking down my birth father has been, both for me and him, I am sure. You invite a complete stranger into your life and from that day forth, you will always look at life a little differently. Certainly for me some unanswered questions and gaps in my life have been finally filled.

I didn’t know what to expect – but I wasn’t disappointed on meeting him. He had a presence about him I felt comfortable with. The situation could have been awkward but it wasn’t. He seemed happy to answer anything I threw at him and I appreciated his honesty.

Are we similar you ask? Well, we both have lots of energy and are both physically fit (we don’t need a lot of sleep it would appear). We have olive skin, brown eyes and tall long legs and have a definite musical ability; we are both athletic and sporty. I admire his single-mindedness and strong business acumen and would like to think some of that quality has most certainly rubbed off on me. I would even have to say he has a dress sense that would be the envy of any 60+ year old, with some lovely French shoes to match (we would appear to have more in common that I thought – I love my shoes!!).

I feel sad that I didn’t get to know him earlier. I so enjoyed just spending time with him, listening to him talk about his life, family and his career. That sense of belonging and an identity that has been unknown to me now begins to take shape. It has made me stronger as a person and I feel privileged to have met him. I am also one of the lucky ones that had a birth mother and father that didn’t close the door on getting to know me.

I am especially grateful though to my Mum and Dad who adopted a wee 4 month old baby who needed a home and always supported and encouraged my desire to find out ‘where I came from’. Thanks Mum & Dad. xx

Yellow Tulip

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12 Comments on The Missing Piece is Found

  1. That’s awesome Helen! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Helen,
    It is going to be difficult, you expect that hopping on a plane
    knowing the person you are to meet is not a stranger ,she was
    created by love to be loved.
    The anxiety and pain is constant, why should it not be the most happy
    time of your life and so we have met, it was a great weekend.
    Memories I hope are made like this.

  3. A great story Helen and so pleased that yu have been able to make contact with your father.

  4. Glad you found a piece of your jigsaw – I think this will be life changing for you 🙂

  5. Really glad you finally met and all went so well.

  6. Beautiful post, my friend – beautiful xxx

  7. “Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” beautiful story Helen x

    • Those words are just beautiful my friend – and it most certainly has been an amazing journey. Even more so the fact that both my birth mother and father would be keen to meet up and have posted comments on my blog … quite surreal. xx

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