The Christmas Wish List and Traditions gone by

With the 1st of December fast approaching I’ve started to think about my usual Christmas List of Things to Do. So I have spent the day writing my Christmas cards to friends overseas. On telling friends at home what I was doing – they were surprised that I still bothered to send cards to people I may not have seen in a long time and/or hadn’t made contact with on a regular basis. So it got me thinking, why am I doing this? And to be honest I couldn’t really come up with a good plausible answer – other than the fact that I like to send cards – and also receive them. 

I have also decided that I want to tell people what I want for Christmas this year, as I don’t want lots of unwanted ‘re-gifting’ situations. Which begs the question – how do you tell your friends and family what you want for Christmas and/or how do you tell them, that perhaps we need to stop buying each other presents? Is there an age when present swapping should be banned and only consigned to children?

Yellow Tulip's Christmas Wish List

The simple answer is ‘No’ you are never too old for presents. That’s part of the charm about Christmas – the giving and receiving of gifts. The thought of a Christmas tree with nothing underneath it, just doesn’t seem right to me. So I’ve decided to tell everyone what I want for Christmas this year and hope that Santa is good to me.  

If you are stuck for some ideas, then a couple of places worth checking out are Farro Fresh (for yummy food and delights); Beauty on the Strand (for beauty treatments and skin care products plus they also have some great stocking fillers); Smith & Caughey (for home-wares, children’s toys and fragrances) and (for books).  And, of course there is always The Warehouse (where ‘everyone gets a bargain’). 

27 days and counting till Christmas …….






Yellow Tulip

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2 Comments on The Christmas Wish List and Traditions gone by

  1. Great Christmas article! Got me into the holiday spirit of things and I agree about the fab stocking stuffers at Beauty on the Strand…love the beautiful candles and scented sachets. Happy holidays to you Yellow Tulip. From Angela at RedSpark Creative

  2. Love your gift suggestions…. thank you! Will check it out.

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