Black and White vs Green and Gold : Score 20 to 6

 Black and White versus Green and Gold : my night at the Rugby World Cup Semi-Finals on the 16th October 2011 Eden Park, Auckland – NZ.
Am I the only one to say that green and gold just doesn’t look attractive on anyone?  Coupled with Australian’s general lack of dress sense, it just isn’t a good combination to be worn in public!  Can you tell me of any instance where the two colours actually do go together?

Our National Anthem Moment Rugby World Cup 2011

 For us New Zealanders, you can’t go too wrong with black and white.  Generally slimming (well the black part is), our national rugby colours do us proud on most occasions.  Not many days go by that I’m not wearing some form of black.  It is part of our NZ culture. It looks good with most other colours.  My wardrobe attests to my love of black, with generous splashes of bright yellow making appearances often.

In contrast to the 4 prime colours of the night, we find ourselves next to a girl with the tightest pair of white jeans I have ever seen. High-heeled shoes in a camel colour with large gold buckles add to the glamour look.  Full make-up and you just wonder where she thought she was going.  Surely not a rugby game!  She must have robbed a pirate ship on-route as she was laden down with a wrist-full of bright gold jewellery and matching rings.  In her defense – a foreigner she was sure to be.  Were we way under-dressed?
But we were there to watch the rugby … so lets move on from the crowd.  From the first kick off where the Australian we all love to hate Quade Cooper stuffed up, to our player of the match Cory Jane – it was a thrilling game from start to finish.  The amount of blood oozing from both sides was a reminder of the physicality of the game and how much was at stake.  Even Weepu (as sick as he was) was playing for heart and country.  It was a proud night to be a Kiwi.

The entertainment courtesy of the New Zealand Army Band was hilarious. I loved their version of the YMCA as did all those amongst us. Who would have thought that trumpeters’ could dance so well, while blowing with such gusto?
As the game wore on, it was obvious this was going to be an All Blacks win.  We were too strong, too in control and too determined.  We played as a team intent on winning and win we did.  
The final on Sunday will see our Black and White take on the mighty Blue & Red for the ultimate World Cup Rugby Glory.

NZ Army Band Dancing

My prediction 32 – 10 to the men in Black (and white) and may we lift that Webb Ellis Trophy in all its ‘golden’ glory.

Go the All Blacks.


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