‘First Light’ fails to illuminate High Street but there were a few stars

A fashionable night out on High Street in Auckland City (Friday, 30th September 2011) with “The New Zealand Herald viva” presenting ‘First Light’ with retailers, restaurants, bars and galleries opening their doors to the street, with live music and new season fashion, food and culture on offer – in conjunction with High Street Guild, Auckland.

Our first stop was Zambesi for a quick look at their 30-year archive collection. Wow some great pieces.  The clothes are just timeless.

The TK Store had beautiful fabrics.  I fell in love with a black top with bat-wing sleeves, and a rouched band around the bottom.  I want to go back and try it in. There wasn’t much room to get easy access to the clothes and everyone looked a little busy to help.  There were little pockets of people drinking and models about to do a fashion show of the new summer range.  Tops in many beautiful colours and shapes looked inviting.  I wish I had more time.

Calvin Klein had some great long tee’s (could be worn as a dress or tee-shirt) – tempted.  Music turn-table (with DJ) gave shop some party atmosphere and nibbles were a welcome treat.  (Great service).

 City Designers Market offered excellent service and both I and BF (best friend) purchase.  She buys a great dress with huge colourful big dots (comes with complimentary sash); I purchase a floral print short-sleeved jacket.  Florals are definitely big this season and have had a strong presence on the international runways.

At Ricochet we thought they were shutting shop for the night – but no, they were open till 10.  BF bought a top.  We  were the only ones in store, got a discount; nice service.

What I found odd! Some stores weren’t open on the High Street; others were, but weren’t that welcoming; there was a distinct lack of atmosphere.  We were often ignored by staff and it just seemed most stores weren’t that interested in the event.  Oh and something that just annoys me constantly – why on earth don’t shops have decent clothes hangers?  We spent more time picking clothes up than trying them on.

It was a good initiative from The New Zealand  Herald viva, but it just seemed many stores had no idea what was going on.


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