No Logos Fashion Only

In this day and age, it is hard for any store to stand out from the rest.  To craft a new way to sell, promote and engage your audience is a challenge for any retailer.  

To combine fashion, art, music and food in a unique environment is exactly what the Cara&Co Concept Store in Sydney has achieved.

Snuck within a Westfield in Sydney, is this masterpiece of fashion heaven.  ‘No Logos Fashion Only’ is the ethos of the store whereby those working within, retain all the knowledge there is to know about the designer, the origin and the processes involved in each item on the shop-floor.  On enquiring about a pair of shoes – I was informed about the farm where the leather had come from; how they were crafted; told that the shoes had been assessed by a Podiatrist to ensure that the design met our feet’s best needs and by the end, had fallen in love with the whole story.  I most certainly felt a connection with the shoes (even though the style and colour were not of my liking) and hoped they would find a good home.

Vintage jewellery, life-sized spider ornaments, giraffe shaped print fabric, perfumes, furniture, crocheted hats, leather bags and accessories were sprinkled through-out.  My eyes however sought out a rack of clothes that looked decidedly familiar. It turned out they were a capsule range from Zambesi specifically for Cara&Co.

Given the plethora of stores that sell similar versions of the same styles and colours, whether it be shopping in Sydney, Auckland or elsewhere – you leave with a true appreciation for the journey travelled by all that is within Cara&Co.  I would also recommend checking out Rialto Living in Palma de Mallorca – another great concept store of designs, accessories and furniture, that I visited last year, while in Europe.

Travelling is all about finding hidden treasures of places, objects, art and fashion.


So for me, Cara&Co and the corner shop in Sydney were my two great shopping highlights, and if travelling over to Manly – it is worth a visit to Lulu Loves Paris, where I bought a great summer top.  Let me know if there are any particular stores in your home town worth sharing and I’ll spread the word.

Yellow Tulip

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2 Comments on No Logos Fashion Only

  1. Reading your blog brought back great memories of shopping in Sydney, which I love as I can always find a treasure for either myself (Wittner shoes is always great for on trend affordable options) or Myers for the littlies for my darling niece!

  2. Watched the 60 Minutes story last night about the popularity of online shopping and the demise of a bricks and mortar store that would now trade online only. After reading about Cara&Co it occurred to me that one way to help keep “real” as opposed to virtual customers may be to create a more meaningful shopping experience by supplying customers with that kind of supply chain/designer/producer information along with some good old fashioned face to face customer service. Although if goods were made in China providing that information may well lead to a decrease in sales, so not so effective then! Anyway, Cara&Co sound like they’re on to something to me but as a reader I guess I’m always interested in a good story.

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