Yellow Tulip’s Guide to Vogue’s Night of Sydney Fashion

The Crowd was a mixture of 20s, 30s and 40 something women who wanted another excuse (did I really say that) to spend an evening with their girlfriends eating, drinking and shopping.  There was no shortage of sweet treats including fairy floss aka candy floss; cup cakes; marsh-mellows, Champagne and Perrier water which were all flowing freely.  It wasn’t a particularly warm night so the mini hot chocolates were a lovely treat.

Karl, Anna, Tom & Kate

 My learned traveling companion commented on the skinny, tall crowd with skyscraper heels who seemed to walk with ease, stopping for cigarettes as required.  Smoking is  fashionable in Sydney. We were a little taken aback with the micro mini dresses that looked like they had been shrunk and then spun dry before a wee morsel of fabric was all that was left.   Heavy handed foundation with really dark lips and defined eyes completed the picture.  Sydney women are not afraid to wear lots of make-up.  This was a mighty contrast to the day crowd that seem to believe that UGGboots go with anything.

Awash with Flowers - David Jones Department Store

The celebrities were lined up on the thin narrow band of red carpet looking hip, cool and important.  My friend and I recognised no-one.  Am guessing they all must have been locals?  Just to make them feel right at home we even found some celebrities you could pose with.  It seemed that Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld were free for a photo opportunity – oh, and Kate Moss and Tom Ford!  There was definitely a buzz happening in the heart of Sydney’s retail district with the streets awash with customers, most clutching multiple carry bags.

The Clothes for the most part were a minor player as more were interested in queuing for the free food.  Entertainment by way of in-store DJ’s kept the stores humming in more ways than one.  Most stores had their own entourage of security guards to keep the thronging crowds waiting in orderly cues.  Was very appropriate to hear Madonna’s Vogue playing on the street.  Stores for the most part offered some form of discount.  Not sure then, how I managed to buy from the only two stores not offering one.  Very exclusive stores with high ticket items threw open their doors to the average shopper in a bid to introduce them to another world of retail.   It looked to have worked as Gucci, Hermes, Prada etc were full to overflowing.

I loved the Ksubi window display with live graffiti artist and the David Jones ode to spring, where the array of vibrant and pretty colours drew everyone to admire their windows.  Hermes also stood out for all the right reasons – capturing the handbag in an original way.  I so want one.

Graffiti Artist Window Display - Ksubi

I particularly fell in love with two stores who absolutely stood out from all the rest.  But more in my next blog.  Why – eclectic, odd, unusual, objects and gadgets plus clothes of quality filled the space.  Giraffe shaped fabric, spider sculpture, multi national fashion and vintage. My friend said it was better than being at an art gallery and much more fun – I always did say fashion was art that you wore.

Yellow Tulip

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