My take on ‘Singapore Shopping’ and the missing colour ‘black’

Here I am in Singapore for the Netball World Championships, with a couple of equally fanatical supporters. Our quest we decided was to find some appropriate attire to do us proud, in the colours that are uniquely NZ – good ole black, white and perhaps some silver thrown in for good measure.

I hasten to say that colour is alive and well in Singapore.  The shops are full of green, orange, pink, blue, yellow and the odd bit of white.  It is a pretty refreshing change to see such colour everywhere and ‘colour blocking’ is also popular, so not only do they like colour .. .but they like to put all the colours together on the one garment.   I don’t think it is going to be easy to find anything in black .. the colour just doesn’t exist here.  I’m also surprised that many of the shop assistant’s don’t really speak English either – so to ask where the range of ‘black’ clothes is, wouldn’t seem right.  We have decided that we’ll just have to go with what we have … our ‘fern-tastic’ black tee shirts and hope that the Silver Ferns do us proud.

In regards to the higher end labels available here – their presence is felt on every corner.  Every large shopping precinct appears to have a Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, DKNY : I wouldn’t want to say that they are common by any stretch of the imagination – but they are aplenty.  They are worth a  visit however, just to experience the fabulous customer service and opulence.

For me, I’ve fallen in love with a beautiful Chanel scarf and very happily managed to find 3 G-Star stores. For me G-Star have the most fabulous jeans/great detailing and wear incredibly well.  It will be hard for me to resist.  Thank goodness Route 66 and Paris Texas sell the range back home.  With only a couple of spare kg’s in my suitcase – the shopping will have to be well planned and well thought-out (otherwise I’m in big trouble).

What this trip has so far made me realise, is that we have a pretty good choice of shopping options back home, and perhaps I am more of a New Zealander than I think.  I miss my ‘black’ and Zambesi,  not to mention Jeans West and Country Road for more casual wear.  Am I not the international shopper I think I am?

Style by Yellow Tulip

Not sure what shopping exploits will await in Thailand, but looking forward to seeing some new sights and will keep you posted on the latest fashion from the sunny shores of Phuket. 

Yellow Tulip

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