Run Helen Run

Devonport Half Marathon Finish LIne


I made a pact with myself in 2013 that I would run a different half marathon every year. It may have sounded a good idea at the time; but the way my body is feeling today, – I am wondering was it?

Having run the Auckland Half Marathon about 5 times – I wanted a change of scene and a new challenge.  I had run a fairly respectable time in 2013 and felt that I wanted to go out on top.  So in 2014 I ran the Queenstown Half marathon in rather cold and rainy conditions and did ok.  Then in 2015 I ran the Sydney Half Marathon in slightly wet, not so cold drizzle but was a fun run (as not many hills).  Over the weekend I ran the Devonport Half Marathon in torrential rain, mud and blustery winds (with one big hill – North Head).  Having not done much training didn’t help.  It was so wet this winter, it was hard to get out of bed and I got sick a couple of times – however no excuses! I survived.

For some reason, it hasn’t put me off thinking about where I might run next year?  Somewhere with sun perhaps or go to London, Paris or New York where I can combine my two loves being running and shopping.

I ran a disappointing time on Sunday.  However, given the conditions I’m not sure anyone (other than a duck) who could have swum the course in lightening speed would have been too fast.   They say it is the journey not the destination.  I enjoyed the scenery, running up North Head was pretty awesome; and of course getting over the finish line in my muddy shoes, drenched body and achy limbs was so much fun.  Bring on next year.




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6 Comments on Run Helen Run

  1. DW in Brisbane // September 28, 2016 at 6:30 am // Reply

    Well done keeping to your pact! Even though you didn’t run a personal best it sounds like it was an awesome experience, despite the weather! Sunday here was good weather – but all I did with it was visit the farmers market and then spend the next few hours on the couch with coffee and a good book! Glad someone else was out there being fit and healthy! 😀

  2. Margaret Eaton // September 28, 2016 at 7:44 am // Reply

    Well done Helen. You seem to have had a lot of wet half marathons. There is a good half marathon in Melbourne. I have walked it while Dave ran. It is a flat course.Look forward to catching up next time you are down here.

    • Thanks – I have been in Melbourne when the run has been on and thought maybe could do it one year. I think you mentioned previously that Dave has run the Gold Coast (surely the sun would be shining there). Hope to catch up soon when next in Christchurch. xx

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