Shopping over the Ditch!

Black & White Classic Combination

My trip to Sydney last weekend was more about family than shopping.  It helped that the shops were closed 2 out of the 4 days I was there, as made the decision to go running, reading and relaxing that much easier.  Being based in Manly meant that all the local shops were allowed to be open, and I much preferred wandering into the local boutiques, than fighting with the crowds in the City.

By the time I got the bus, ferry and then the train on Saturday into Central Sydney – Pitt Street and ventured into the department stores, I just wasn’t in the mood.  It was pouring with rain which didn’t help.  It was bedlam.  Fighting umbrellas and wet-raincoats for space didn’t help.  The sales should have enticed me, as there were plenty, but of course what I liked, was generally new season, and not on sale.  I was also trying to be good.  I needed nothing.

In David Jones I found my favourite local Aussie designer (of the moment) Thurley where I did manage to buy 4 items of clothing, all black being two tops, one cape and a sleeveless jumper.  There was also a great Chanel-esque jacket, skirt and dress (in a classic black and white tweed fabric) that looked amazing on the mannequin but not so good on me.  With a really diverse colour palette and mix of styles, many things appealed at Thurley, although the obsession with high-wasted everything this year, means I will be struggling for anything hip-hugging.

My main other major purchase was a pair of black leather pants from a boutique in Manly called Mclean & Page.  I thought long and hard about these pants as wondered whether I was too old for leather, and enlisted my birth mum Dawn, to give me her unbiased opinion about them.  She, as did the shop assistant agreed they fitted me like a glove (but I would nearly need to mortgage my house to pay for them).  After a couple of sleepless nights, I took the plunge and bought them.  You decide whether it was an appropriate purchase or not?  A picture says a thousand words.


p.s.   I also found a nice white leather mini skirt from Kivari (a local store in Freshwater) which was within walking distance from home. 

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4 Comments on Shopping over the Ditch!

  1. DW in Brisbane // April 8, 2015 at 2:05 am // Reply

    The leather pants fit you very nicely, and I like the top! I’m not a fan of the high waisted look either – it’s not a good look when you’re only 5ft tall! The only thing I’ve brought so far for winter is a black and white polka dot scarf and given I’m wearing a summer dress today, it may be a while before I can wear it here in sunny Brisbane! Shame about the weather in Sydney over Easter, but it would have been good spending time with Dawn and family nonetheless. 😃

    • It was great to get away and kindof nice to have time to run, read and relax versus my love of shopping. Love scarves so you have given me a little inspiration for my next blog perhaps. Enjoy that summer weather and lucky you it will be awhile before you’ll be needing anything too warm …

  2. Love the leather pants, look great on you and i really like your white skirt and that top. Looks like successful shopping to me, Yellow Tulip!

    • Wore the nice white leather skirt to wear. Got home last night and found that the zip had broken already !! Not a good look. Looking forward to wearing the leather pants sometime soon. xx

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