GO you Kiwis

Glasgow 2014

With the Commonwealth Games starting this week in Glasgow, what better time than to salute our national uniform on the international stage and wish our contingent of superstar athletics, in all their own sporting codes the best of luck and to do us all proud.

Netballs for the Commonwealth Games 2014

Netballs for the Commonwealth Games 2014

When it comes to each countries’ national colours, New Zealand has the pick of the bunch don’t you think? The combination of Black and White is classic, smart and timeless.  When you include the silver fern emblem; it then embodies and merges that unique Kiwiana style into something that looks very special.

“Black and White looks modern, whatever that word means” says Karl Lagerfeld (who knows everything there is to do with fashion).

 The famous Coco Chanel may have put it best “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”

Silver Ferns Winning Gold in Delhi 2010

Silver Ferns Winning Gold in Delhi 2010

An example of our reigning Commonwealth Games Gold sport-stars in the form of the Silver Ferns’ (Netball) and the ever amazing Valerie Adams (Shot putter) will once again compete for the ultimate prize.  Who doesn’t want GOLD hanging around their neck!!

Valerie Adams (photo courtesy of Reuters)

Valerie Adams (photo courtesy of Reuters)

To make the pinnacle in any sporting code and represent your country is an amazing achievement.  It requires dedication and commitment to continually strive towards the next goal and milestone along the road to victory.  To maintain a level of fitness, agility, speed, strength and stamina requires sacrifice and it is that we will all be saluting when our athletics take the stage in Glasgow.

Once that uniform is adorned, we will be watching and waiting – hoping there will be a pot of gold, silver or bronze waiting patiently at the end.  I will be cheering them on for sure.





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2 Comments on GO you Kiwis

  1. DW in Brisbane // July 23, 2014 at 1:32 am // Reply

    Go the KIWIS!!! I will be supporting them from afar, although will have to rely on news websites for info as you only ever see the Aussies in any games coverage here. I know I’m in Australia, but you would think there was only Aus and no other countries competing by the one eyed coverage!! 😉

    • Those Aussies have never been good at sportsmanship with their one-eyed views on all sports (unless they are good at it). Can’t wait for the Silver Ferns to win back to back GOLD. Fingers crossed. I’m off to Samoa next week so not sure there will be much tv coverage there …

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