A sleepy town of Treasures

I hadn’t been to Arrowtown for many years, with my last visit filled with fond memories from panning for gold, to winning my first pool game.  (I don’t remember any fashion or design stores though).  It was pretty quiet.  I was keen to go back and visit this sleepy town from days gone by and see if anything had changed.

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It was busy.  There were shops a plenty with people meandering around and enough to keep the best of us entertained for a good couple of hours.  For guys there was a pub or two, where a cold beer and a home-made pie could warm the heart.

Service in all the stores was outstanding – reminding me of the old-days when people actually loved what they did.  They were friendly folk, happy to have a chat.  I loved wandering around the local hall, seeing the home-made crafts on sale.  Knitting and sewing is well alive in this town.

One shop I recommend to  check out is Ogle where I found a beautiful cow-hide rug and a Karlsson clock that I carted back home in the suitcase.  I also had some fun with a couple of magnifying glasses; they had some birthday cards that came with a CD of songs from the year you were born or you could buy a DVD of music and news events.  I thought they were a great idea and solved a problem with what to get Mum and Dad for their respective birthdays.

It was a nice quick break away and if you haven’t been down that way, make the most of this beautiful country of ours and check it out next time you have a chance.

Yellow Tulip

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5 Comments on A sleepy town of Treasures

  1. It’s always nice to revisit friendly old places, and what a gorgeous little town this is. Great photos, and I’m sure even more fond memories.Thanx for sharing.

    XOXO Nensi

  2. It is a very pretty place, Arrowtown, i must get back there soon, thanks for sharing your thoughts….

  3. Great photos, nice to see some of you for a change!

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