If you don’t ask – you don’t get?

I was asked by my teenage shopping friend when overseas recently ‘can I ask for discounts in stores if I don’t want to spend that much money on something?’ My answer was ‘I didn’t think so’.   I further commented ‘that I wouldn’t feel comfortable to even ask, given how tough most retailers are finding business at the moment’ and thought that was the end of it.Glasses

To my surprise I was astounded when not much later, she tells me how she saw two pairs of sunglasses in a shop in Melbourne Central that she absolutely had to have but they were AUS$25.00 each.  She couldn’t afford that much and so pleaded with the male Shop Assistant – could he do a deal for her as she really wanted both.  After thinking (and some more pleading) he agreed to sell her both pairs for $40.00 as long as she didn’t tell anyone!  She was rapt and very happy with her new-found bargaining power.

Off to another store she went, where she fell in love with a tee-shirt that she had to have.  On looking at the price tag, she sees that it is AUS$40.00 which is way too much money for a teenager to spend (whose used to spending under $20.00 for one).  Yet again, she asks very nicely if there is any chance that she could buy for only AUS$20.00.  Awhile later, still looking and admiring herself in the mirror, the male Shop Assistant says “ok then, but only because I have loads of them in stock”.   Wow – this is getting to be quite easy she excitedly informs me and can’t wait to go off to another store to try her luck again.Shonie's Glasses

So what is the moral of this story.  Well – I encourage you all when going shopping next to take a leaf out of a teenager’s guide to shopping on a budget.  Definitely ask for a discount, no matter what you are buying – the worse they can do, is say NO.  When I pluck up the courage to give it a go – I’ll let you know how I get on!!

Yellow Tulip

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I fell into the art of style quite by accident. There was no defining moment when I decided that I knew what I wanted to do. I want people to feel good about themselves. Many don’t know where to shop and/or how to wear fashion. It has never been solely about cost, but of finding quality at a reasonable price and being able to wear - to suit your own figure, style and fashion. Join me as we explore – What is Style? Yellow Tulip

4 Comments on If you don’t ask – you don’t get?

  1. Hi – assume that is photo of teenager? perhaps being pretty helped ;). Always ask for what you want!

  2. Love the sunglasses, very cool!

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